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A Golden Christmas Table

When you host a Christmas party it’s your chance to shine not only in the food department, but also in the decorations and table settings. Let your guests feast their eyes on a beautiful table before you treat them to a delicious meal.

Gold is the colour of the season and our very own Alex Butta has chosen some beautiful pieces that bring some sparkle to your table.  As a Freedom Interior Decorator, Alex lives and breathes design while leading both the merchandising and decorating roles in one of our most popular Victorian stores.

Below are her top choices for a sparkling, golden Christmas table.

(1) Delight Side Plate – Angles (2) Delight Side Plate – Crosses (3) Charm Cutlery Set (4) Asteroid Deco Object (5) Bliss Martini Glass (6) Jardiniere Vase (7) Paper Straws in Gold

To view our full Christmas range, click here.


To find out more about Freedom ID, our Interior Decorating Service click here.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Homelovers

Thoughtful and personalised gift giving is easy – just don’t overthink it! Freedom has gifts for him, gifts for her and anyone else on your list.
Here are a few of the characters you may find yourself shopping for this year, along with some suggestions on how to make their home a little more special this season.
picky-sibling-nov-27 secret-santa-nov-27

Give them the gift of choice, so you know they’ll pick out exactly what they want. Personalise the gift card by adding a lovely scented candle.

  1. Palm Beach Collection Candle
  2. Freedom Gift Card



Sure, he says he already has everything he needs, but you know that secretly he still loves getting a Christmas gift.

  1. Drafstmen Table Light
  2. Savoy Kitchen Trolley




Treading the line between fun and professional is easy with a gift from Freedom. Give your work buddy something beautiful and practical.

  1. Splash Water Bottle 
  2. Amina Candler 




You know they don’t care what you get them, but you want to wow them too. Celebrate your friendship by pampering them with something a little bit luxurious.

  1. Therapy Kitchen Pack
  2. Ecoya Celebration Candle 



A gorgeous kitchen essential is an elegant and useful gift and your host will be reminded of your great taste every time they use it.

  1. Brim Wine Glasses
  2. Gem Serving Board (marble/rosewood)


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Sale Top 10 with Freedom ID

Spring is the ideal time to revitalise your home and right now’s an even better time because you can create fresh new look for less at The Freedom Sale.

To help you achieve your new spring look, we asked Freedom Interior Decorator Jemma Keesing for her top 10 sale picks:

  1. The First Light Wall Art is my pick of The Freedom Sale! The calming blue colours paired with the crisp white frame will have you relaxed after a long day.
#1 Pick of the Freedom Sale - First Light Wall Art

#1 Pick of the Freedom Sale – First Light Wall Art

  1. I love the unique pattern to the Trinidad cushion. It can easily be added to your existing cushions for a pop of colour or try mixing and matching a range of patterned cushions for a bit more fun!
  2. The Emerson Rug, with its neutral colours, will compliment any living, dining or bedroom and immediately warms up the room with its texture
  3. Enjoy outside this summer and be surrounded by fun items like our Pineapple Planter.
  4. Grouped with a cluster of accessories, this table lamp will take pride of place on your buffet or side table.
  5. Industrial is back! The Berk Baskets are a trendy storage option for your kids’ toys or husband’s paperwork and will work seamlessly into your home.
  6. The Arden Frame set of 10 is a great way to add personality to your walls.
  7. Adding some style to your outdoor area will be easy with the Blake Carver Chair, you won’t know if you’re outside or in.
  8. The Signature Dining Table with the glass top is super contemporary and affordable.
Brooklyn Sofa

Brooklyn Sofa “full of personality”

  1. The full-grain leather of the Brooklyn sofa is full of personality. It will be the standout piece in your living room.

To shop The Freedom Sale: Click here

To find out more about Freedom ID: Click here

MyFreedom members receive 10% off sale items until Monday! *Joining fees apply

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On trend: all that glitters is gold

Gold is the new copper.

There, we said it! Big statement we know, but we’re embracing a new metallic this season. This summer, copper and rose gold has been updated with brass and old gold.

We first fell in love with copper a few seasons ago, introducing the colour with Scandi-inspired pastel hues and moody industrial looks. With its warm, rosy appearance, both bright and shiny copper and brushed copper featured in living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms and beyond.

As we look to the warmer months and incorporate a new palette for spring and summer, we are moving away from pastels and into a primary based colour scheme which works best with gold accents. Nice and fresh for the summer season.


The rule for incorporating any metallic in the home is less is more – this applies to copper and our new favourites gold and brass. Being such rich colours, metals are best introduced slowly.

Start off with decorations like the Asteroid Deco Object or Amina Candle, then warm up with larger items like floor lamps and even statement coffee tables. Gold works in all rooms ! Why not add a little glitz to the dinner table with glamorous placemats, or outdoors with brass lanterns strewn around the garden? Or even, be brave and embrace gold through upholstery – the Billie sofa in Austria Gold brightens living rooms in an instant.

23536388 - Billie Lounge Version 3

While you’re injecting your home with this season’s freshest metallic, change up your colour palette. Bright coloured feature walls make a very bold statement – we love Taubmans Toy Soldier, as well as ‘Blast Blue’, ‘Sunset Skyline’ and ‘Crumbs’ to achieve a pop of colour.

Bailey Dining Dark Vxxx

Embracing the trend doesn’t have to be costly. Here are our top style picks under $100.

(1) Cinq Candle Holder (2) Bushland Cushion (3) Oro Mirror (4) Tia Vase (5) Georgie the Giraffe (6) Flare Wall Art (7) Cosmo Deco Ball (8) Gold Rush Vessel (9) Hinged Table Lamp

Blog post

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Top 10 picks with We Are Scout


Ultra-talented bloggers Lisa Tilse and Rebecca Lowrey Boyd from one of our favourite lifestyle blogs, We Are Scout, visited our stores to check out our new range – selecting their picks of the season in the process! Here is their top 10 edit of our Spring Summer ’15 collection, and to read more about their shopping guide click here.

(1) Atlantis Ceiling Pendant (2) Bloom Planter (3) Backgammon Cushion (4) Deity Bowl (5) Jacob 3 Piece Occasional Package (6) Gem Serving Board (7) Sax Storage Bag Silver Large (8) Potter Basket (9) Sax Storage Bag Brown Large (10) Summery Side Plate


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Creating the illusion of space: guest post by Shaynna Blaze

Wyatt Dining

We’re all about home inspiration and we love having guests on the blog. Today we combine two of these favourite things and welcome back, by popular demand, TV personality and Taubmans Brand Ambassador Shaynna Blaze to explain how best to use paint to maximize your area:

Small rooms can sometimes feel stuffy but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of space with a touch of colour. Making small design changes can make your interiors appear much larger.  Here are my creative ways of tricking the eye with paint to make the smaller rooms in your home feel more spacious.

Lighten up!

Simply painting a room won’t give you more space, but by choosing light colours, you can make your room seem much larger. White of course is an easy choice, but feel confident in choosing an off white or other light colour that will still bring a softness to the room and avoid a clinical look.  Try a pale shade of soft pink, light green or sandy yellow.  You can also use a combination of white and pale shades on adjoining walls in a room to create an illusion of space.  For rooms that don’t get much natural light, avoid using yellow-based whites as they absorb the light in the room.

Poppy Sofa

Match it all

Having cohesion between your walls and floors is a simple way to make a room feel larger.  For rooms with pale painted walls, I suggest using a light oak timber or even lime wash on your floorboards.  Similarly, tiles or carpet in a similar light tone to your walls will visually extend the footprint of the entire room.  

Cushions Banner

One tone wonder

The simplest way to make a small room look larger is to stick to one paint colour for the walls, cornice, picture rails and skirting boards. You can extend this further by painting the ceiling which works best with light colours. This technique can work particularly well if you have low ceilings, as you won’t be able to tell where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. 

Axis Dining 4 Seater rug New

Looking for other ways to make the most of your space? Try some of our favourite storage solutions.

  • The Savoy 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley is our go-to stylish helper! Slightly industrial, the warm timber accents ensure the trolley design works beautifully in most homes. Extra shelves for prep and wheels for ease.
  • The Collective Basket set is a great way to keep all of your bits and bobs in order. The chalk labels mean you can mark them as you go.
  • Our Vins Crates offer storage with a bit of character. You can pack up all your loose ends and don’t have to worry about mess on display – the crates make a style statement all by themselves while hiding everything inside. Handy.
  • Make the most of those awkward corner spaces with the Platform shelves. Functional and decorative, the shelving is useful for displaying décor accents and personal knick knacks.
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How to light your bedroom

Marlo Bed

Whether it’s cuddles with the family, watching TV with your other half, breakfast in bed with the kids or immersing yourself in that book you can’t put down, the bedroom is more than just a space for sleeping.  It is a sanctuary in which you can relax, find serenity and calm; somewhere you look forward to coming home to, for the wind down after a long day.

Today on the blog, we talk about how you can choose the best lighting to transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility.

Rhodes Bedroom


Depending on whether you’re a Type A personality with a love of order, or a creative Type B who can find calm in chaos, it’s important to surround yourself with shapes that complement your personal style. Pendants strung up on either side of the bed offer a definitive style statement, creating the kind of symmetry and balance that Type A’s delight in. For Type B’s, try contrasting a bold table light propped on a bedside table with a sleek floor light on the other side of the bed. This will create an unconventional, but striking look.

Freedom Interior Decorator Natasha Lindsay’s favourite piece for bedroom light is pendant lighting.

“Pendant lighting is really on trend, adds personality and creates an ambiance in the room. While I love drop pendants balanced on either side of the bed (Atlantis or Alek are my picks!), a central pendant as a feature is one of my favourite looks. The Origami light in particular has a soft and organic shape to inspire calm and softness, or the Della ceiling pendant creates beautiful shadow and visual interest in the room.”

“Depending on your bedroom area, quite often in a tighter space a bedside table lamp or floor lamp works best to light up the room. Instead of a bedside table, play with tradition – a stool such as the Portsea works well for a bedside table!” she continued.

Cancun Bedroom Storage option


When lighting your bedroom, it’s important to balance aesthetics with functionality. Think about what task the light will take on. Bright, well positioned lighting on your bedside table for reading; illuminated and ambient light is best for dressing, and accent lighting to draw the eye to a beautiful artwork on the wall… Don’t forget about the effect of natural light as well!

Once you’ve decided on the type of lighting, create layers of light to suit various tasks and to set the tone in your room – this is done by mixing up your light sources across general lighting, table lights, floor lamps and pendant lights. This offers flexibility and allows you to soften the tone in your room depending on the mood. Table lamps are a staple, while floor lamps add height and lighten up dark corners of the room. Pendant lights make a design statement and are a modern way to lighten up the bedroom.

Natasha says that the layers of lighting are really important as it helps set the mood.

“Whether you’re looking to accomplish a task (such as reading, watching TV) in the bedroom, or just want an ambient glow, depending on the size of the room, my general rule is to have 3-4 different light sources in the room.”


Once you’ve assessed the lighting aspect from a functional perspective, it’s time to have a little bit of fun. There is a wide range of lighting available, such as unique materials and finishes, metallic colours, beautiful hues…  Lighting makes a stunning accent for the home and can be artistic too!  Make the light style a focal piece of the room, whether it be contrasting with the finish on your bed, or complementing the tones in your bed linen, factor lights into styling your bedroom.

Feeling inspired? Here are few of our favourite statement lights this season:

  • The Dream Neon Wall Light is a beautiful piece which brings character to the bedroom
  • Tall, lean and streamlined, the Lense Floor Light offers a bright light – perfect for the reading corner in your bedroom. The cage-like cover adds an industrial edge and works well with more modern bedrooms.
  • Why not mix and match your light globes? The Star Glow globe adds a feminine touch, while we love the Brilliant Vintage globe for a retro feel.
  • The Amali Table Lamp is sleek and sophisticated, tapping into some of the biggest trends this season; gold and marble.

If this lighting edit has you thinking about upgrading your bedroom, for a limited time only, you can buy any size mattress for the price of a single. Shop our mattresses and visit our website for details.

Lamps and FLoorlights

Shop the look above, left to right. Amali Floor Lamp, Draftsmen Table Light, Finlay Ceiling Pendant, Oakleigh Table Lamp, Cadmon Table Light, Oakleigh Table Light Chrome, Lawrence Table Light, Amali Table Light, Franklin Table Lamp, Airwave Table Light, Penny Table Lamp, Gatz Table Light, Lense Floor Light.

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Our favourite picks this season

There’s nothing like the start of a fresh new season. This summer, we’re seeing hues in every shade, bold reds, bright blues and pops of yellow, as well as playful prints and motifs inspired by the sunshine and sea breeze.

We love getting our homes ready for everything summer has to offer. If you haven’t taken a look at our new collection yet, it’s time!

We asked some of our buyers to share their favourite picks this season from our Spring Summer range.


Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer

  1. Delicious Pear and Apple mirrors – The versatility of the Delicious Pear and Apple mirror makes the seasons must have piece. It can live in a multitude of different rooms as a functional or decorative homeware.
  2. Roxbury Floor Rug – I’m in the market for a new floor rug for my living room, and the Roxbury Floor Rug is as statement as they come, capable of revitalizing the entire room and adding a sense of summer chic appeal. Made from leather pieces, the tonal mix of beige, cream, deep chocolate and whites finishes the aesthetic of a room and adds texture and warmth.
  3. Axis Buffet – The Axis Buffet is on the top of my shopping list this summer – the Axis is perfect edition for my dining room. I love its simple, no fuss design – I especially like the hidden handle detail. Chic!
  4. Alek Ceiling Pendant – Pendant lighting is a global trend in interiors this season, with the ability to totally transform a space. The summer range of lighting at Freedom is very diverse, appealing to all tastes. We have explored using a range of different materials and worked with lighting specialists all over the world to come up with our really unique offering. One of my favourite pieces is the Alek pendant, manufactured from concrete, with a wire frame. Simple, understated and on trend design.
  5. Beach Shack Cushion – For a great graphic my pick is the new Beach Shack Cushion. It’s printed on a canvas basecloth and the colour combination of denim blue alongside mustard refreshes the home with fun summer colours.


Abbey Hart, Homewares Buyer

  1. Encore Dining Chair – The Encore Dining chair is my most desired must-have chair – the statement iron design will look lovely against a wooden table and complements indoor greenery.
  2. Glass Milk Carton – The new milkmaid jug is one of my favourite, most versatile homeware accessories this season. Fill it with brightly coloured poppies or create mini summer cocktails with striped straws!
  3. Marbella Side Plates – The Marbella tapas plates are marble inspired homeware musts! They are a clever marble decal on classic bone china, a quarter of the price with the same look!. Perfect for serving dessert on but I can also see these used as a little jewellery display dishes.

  4. Dream Neon Wall Light – The new dream neon light is very on trend – it is a versatile light and piece of art. Place it on top of a buffet unit or hang it on the wall and it will become a new showstopper in your home.
  5. Batgirl Armchair – I love the new Batgirl Armchair. A nice clean and modern shape in a soft leather tan shade, it’s the perfect armchair to relax in on a Sunday afternoon with a good book in hand.


Kylie Burgon, Upholstery Buyer

  1. Amelie Corner Modular – This sofa is on my ‘to buy’ list, it is a furniture staple which features a contemporary arm – it will fit most homes comfortably! The oversized cushions provide that sink-in comfort feeling we all chase at the end of the day.
  2. Amali Table Lamp Super stylish with a sleek design, the Amali Table Lamp will add sophistication and refinement to your home. The marble base is very on trend at the moment!
  1. Wing Chair in Floral Multi – This striking floral fabric is so fun for summer! The cheery blooms featured on the fabric create warmth in the home and a central focal point, whether in a bedroom or a lounge room.
  1. Framework Candle Holders – Mixed materials – HOT!  Concrete and metal make a lovely combination and are possibly this season’s most sought after trend.
  2. Aquarius Coffee & Side Table – A stunning combination of materials, the solid timber top and metal legs make this range a statement in any living space.  The geometric pattern is right on trend.

Shop our new range, in store and online now!

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Five ways to make your outdoor party memorable


With the weather warming up, barbeques and outdoor parties won’t be far away. This spring, try these top five tips to make your outdoor party memorable.

Tip One: Decorate for your space

If you’re limited on space, don’t over clutter with decorations. Keep plenty of table room available for your guests to place their drinks and have a designated area for bags. The less clutter, the better!

Create visual aesthetics with statement pieces which will brighten your area. Try a bright cluster of planters like the Gumdrop Planter, Sunkiss Planter or Mykonos Planter. Hanging decorations work beautifully outdoors, try our Swivel Hanging Pot Holder and Strawberry Hanging Planter. Stringing up a line of lanterns like our Henson Lanterns, or Atrium Lantern is also ideal for creating ambiance for late afternoon/evening parties.

Tip Two: Choose a theme

To ensure your party leaves guests talking about the experience long after the event, add a touch of personality and theme the event. Creativity is key here!

For a casual brunch, pick a colour scheme like turquoise for fun and white for fresh. What about an outdoor dinner party? Think outside the box and go all out – we love opulent themes like Arabian nights – thick rugs, rich colours, floor cushions and beautiful lanterns scattered around!

Outdoor 2

Tip Three: Make sure you have enough tables and seating

Having enough seating may seem straight forward, but a shortage of tables or chairs can dampen guest experiences. Plan for the entertaining area and how many RSVPs you’re going to invite.

The start of spring is a great time to invest in a new piece of outdoor furniture. A pop of colour goes along way. If you prefer small intimate gatherings, a table like the Jacob outdoor set might be best suited for your outdoors. For a larger seated dinner party, the Umbria Dining package would make a great addition, the bench seating allows for more people at the table.

Outdoor 3Tip Four: Merge indoors with outdoors

We love an open plan entertaining space. Stick to one style with your indoor and outdoor furniture selections, as it can create an environment with a seamless flow. For example, if timber features heavily inside, try to replicate that outside with subtle pieces like the Portsea Stool that combine metal and timber, or if your interiors feature a lot of white, try the Adelphi Outdoor Dining package.

Tip Five: Serve it up

Food is probably one of the most essential aspects of the entertaining experience, which makes beautiful serving style the pinnacle of importance. Chic platters in wood, white porcelain and serving boards (marble is our favourite this season!) work well for larger parties and canapés;  whereas serving bowls is the perfect serving option for chips or nuts. One of our favorite entertaining tricks is using individual milk bottles as cocktail glasses.

Shop our new outdoor range and view our new catalogue, in stores and online now.

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Behind the scenes at our Spring Summer 2015 Instameet

Ish and chi

This week in celebration of the launch of our beautiful new Spring Summer range, we invited some of our favourite bloggers to an Instameet at Freedom Moore Park. Here’s how it went down.

Five incredibly creative design authorities were challenged to style a space within the Freedom store:

The bloggers

Vivian Panagos from Ish and Chi
Steph Bond from Bondville
Sonia Stackhouse from Life Love & Hiccups
Jayde Leader from Little Piper Lane
Jennifer Jenner from 84th and 3rd

The challenge

These stylish individuals were given one hour and free reign to draw from the new collection to transform a completely blank space into a living room that they would love to come home to.

The result

Five unique spaces, curated by some of Sydney’s favourite bloggers.  We’ve shared some behind-the-scene images for your own Springspiration – enjoy!

Jennifer Jenner 2Jennifer Jenner

Shop 84th and 3rd’s look: Bailey Dining Table, Gelato Canvas, Host Antipasti Tray, Sorrento Bowl, Gold Amina Candle, Foliage Peony in Jar, Buco Placemat

Jayde Leeder 3Jayde Leeder 2

Jayde Leeder

Shop Little Piper Lane’s look: Clifford sofa, Stockholm bookcase, Summer Holiday Print, Drum Coffee Table, Honeycomb Mesh Side Table, Mackenzie Floor Rug, Green Metro Table Lamp

 Sonia Stackhouse 2Sonia Stackhouse 3 Sonia Stackhouse
Shop Life Love & Hiccups’ look: Bonnie sofa, Reverie Floor Rug, Ezra Coffee Table,
Formby Bookshelf, Surf Beach Wall Art, Zola Planter, Rory the Rhino

      Steph Bond11778143_10153092169812918_1337025816_n

Shop Bondville’s look: Bonnie sofa, Honeycomb Mesh Coffee Table, Meridian Floor RugBasique Ottoman, Delicious Pear Mirror

Ich and chi 2

Shop Ish and Chi’s look: Bonnie sofa, Stockholm Coffee Table, Andes Chair, Bailey Buffet, From Above Wall Art, Asteroid Deco Object, Bloom Planter, Senery Table Light

Stay tuned to Ish and Chi, Bondville, Life Love & Hiccups, Little Piper Lane, and 84th and 3rd. We can’t wait to share more.

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Spring colour picks: guest post by Shaynna Blaze

Spring has arrived Australia and we are reveling in the warmth of the sun, the longer days and the bursting blooms. Now is the perfect time to get spring-inspired in the home too, rejuvenate your home with colour and texture in celebration of the seasonal change. We’ve told you about the key themes trending this season, but what about the key colours?

This spring, pastels are trending and Australian TV personality and styling Queen Shaynna Blaze weighs in on how to incorporate this trend in the home. Taking a more modern approach to pastels Shaynna says hues this season are stronger and darker in nature with the style spectrum ranging from pinks right through to teals.

Shaynna is also the Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director, and today we welcome her as a special guest on the Freedom blog to share with you her top tips for the season:

This spring it’s all about embracing crisp pastel tones that capture the change of the seasons and create a refreshing palette in the home. These trend colours will vary from soft pinks in peach and salmon hues, through to mint greens and deeper teals. My five favourite Taubmans colours this spring are Really Rose, Pink Clay Pot, Swordfish, Dancing Water and Traveller. 

Shaynna Blaze

These five statement colours are fun and energetic without sacrificing sophistication and refinement. Here are my top tips for incorporating this fresh palette into your home:

Turn to taupe

The unexpected colour in our spring trends palette is a taupe-like shade, Traveller. Rather than a neutral a taupe would traditionally be considered, this hue can be used as an accent for your fresh, new look.

Tone down with timbers

All of our spring hues work best in combination with blonde oak furniture and flooring. These light features will accent the brightness of the hues and tone down the vivacity of the vibrant spring palette.

Bailey Dining Light Oak V2 Comp Bike

Bondi vignette

Embrace the power of paint

Each of these spring colours can be used as the focal colour on your walls anywhere in your home for rooms of all shapes and sizes.  For instant impact, paint two adjoining walls in your favourite spring hue so that the colour wraps the room without overwhelming it. Painting just two adjoining walls is also a much simpler weekend project, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour faster!

Spring-inspired style

For first time painters, or those less daring with colour, you can incorporate these spring trend colours by injecting one or two (or all!) of them with your accessories, furnishings and artworks. Try pairing a neutral wall with pops of pastel pinks and blues throughout your wall hanging and soft furnishings, like pillows and throws, so that you can add a fresh feeling to your room without making a huge change.

Quinn Bedroom

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How to create the perfect spring brunch tabletop with We Are Scout


Create an unforgettable tablescape for your next spring soiree. The talented duo at We Are Scout have shown us how – it’s an explosion of colour, flowers, patterns, textures… and we love it!

Learn how to create the perfect spring brunch tabletop here:

Shop their look:
Ivy Moss Balls, Bayview Table Runner, Heston Outdoor Dining Chairs, Colombia Long Coffee Cup.

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How to choose the right rug

Rug Story

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to update a space with minimal effort. Our answer: the best all-rounder for updating any room, the simple rug is our go-to.

Freedom Interior Decorator Jill Clements explains that this is because rugs immediately ground the furniture in a space and add the finishing touch to all rooms.

“When tackling the size and which rug is best for the room, think about what you want to achieve as rugs can give definition to a space, particularly in open plan living. Large rugs can make a room feel bigger, while small rugs can add more decorative flair. My personal favourite for styling a room is to add an oversized rug to encompass majority of the floor, with a small amount of floor boards showing on the outer edges.”

Another element to consider is the placement of the furniture. Think about your living area and whether you want to create a sense of space  –  achieved by having all of your furniture sitting within a large rug – or if you want to  anchor your room, which calls for a medium sized rug placed under the front feet of your couch. Looking to make an impact with a smaller rug? Choose something decorative to sit under your coffee table.

Once you’ve got the size down pat, address the pattern and colour for that extra zing. The Reverie Floor Rug has a cheery presence, instantly lifting the feel of a room, a round rug like the Blaise Floor Rug delivers in personality and a bold pattern like the Roxbury Floor Rug adds a layer of interest.

“My tip when it comes to colour, is to take into account the fixed tones such as flooring and walls. Once you put a rug in your room, it changes the entire space – so dramatically that it becomes one of the biggest features. Another tip? Be bold!” continues Jill.

Finally, consider the texture. For the bedroom, beautiful, tactile rugs are wonderful underfoot first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our Emerson Floor Rug and Madeleine Floor Rug are great examples of stylish pieces which work in the bedroom.

Our favourite rugs this season

  1. Arlington Floor Rug
  2. Hayes Floor Rug
  3. Blaise Floor Rug
  4. Farrelly Floor Rug
  5. Mackenzie Floor Rug
  6. Meridian Floor Rug
  7. Seraphina Floor Rug

For more on choosing a rug, visit our How To guide.

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Spring is almost here – embrace the warmer weather in your home

Bondi Vignette 2

The transition from winter to spring and summer welcomes more than swimming costumes and long, lazy afternoons…

With the approach of the warmer months, not only do we get the urge to spring clean, but with a good clean comes the packing away of the cosy throws, dark colours and thick textures. Why not update your home, freshen your interiors and make it a space you love coming home to after a long day in the sun’s rays.

Spring Summer 2015 is all about being bold with colour and pattern.  Here are the trends which are getting us excited about the season ahead:


Take on playfulness in your home. Contrasting old and modern, soft and strong or masculine and feminine, play with opposites which attract but also combine. Pair a beautiful lamp with fun ornaments to give you a contemporary twist.

Use colour to get a retro-glam look. Stick to a strict palette – black, white, navy blue and red are our picks. Include a pop of gold in your home too for bold accents. Our Balmain Hurricane, Dubai Ceiling Lights or Comet Bowl are a great start.

Our New Mod collection makes achieving retro-glam easy.

Embrace nature

Earthy hues give a real dreamy sense in the summer, with longer evenings and bright mornings. The tones establish character and reflect a strong sense of nature and serenity – perfect for the special, calming moments at home. Focus on rustic details by using raw textures like acacia timber, and neutral tones with the Classic Wing Armchair.

Freshen this look with beautiful metallic finishes. This season, gold will be big. When achieving a classic look, include bursts of matte gold and gilded accents to establish a more refined feel. The Deity Bowl, Iconic Tray and Honeycomb Mesh Side Table are beautiful pieces. Our tip, combine gold with smoky glass.

Inject nature into your home and browse our Arcadia collection.

Bold simplicity

With the warmer months comes the time to celebrate all things sun, sand and surf. Naturally, simple yet bold signature pieces are the key to this trend. Take on the essence of fun and supercharge your home with colour, pattern and experimentation. More is more.  We love loud, exciting pieces that scream summer, like the Balance CushionDaybreak Wall Art and Stripes and Spots Ply Wall Dots.

Include timeless, character-filled pieces to offset all of the bright and colourful features – those pieces that feel like they’ve been in your home forever. The couch you love lying back in, the perfect armchair for a good read or the dining table which has seen numerous stories told. Bonnie, Bailey and our Stockholm Bookcase are our picks.

Get inspired by our Endless Summer collection.

Regardless of what style you choose to exude this summer, remember to make it all about you and give your personality a space to shine.

Browse the Freedom Spring Summer Collection now.

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5 ways to style your room for less

Studio Sofa

Injecting a bit of colour or adding a new piece into the sanctuary you call home is the best feeling in the world.  With spring around the corner, it’s out with the old and in with the new! 

We asked Freedom Interior Decorator Natasha Lindsay for her top tips on easy and affordable ways for you to freshen up your home.

  1. Add some luxe to your decor

Shiny accents can make any interior look incredibly luxe. Whether it’s sparkly silver, glitzy gold, brazen brass or beaten copper, precious metals add drama to your décor! Find ways to incorporate this into your space, for example with a golden bowl or a vessel on your wooden coffee table, a beautiful candle holder or an intricate brass wall piece.

  1. Let your creativity shine

This is not only fun but also a great way to involve the whole family. Get crafty with DIY to create a bespoke look with art, textiles and decorations. Join a tapestry, coil weaving or ceramics workshop – craft revival is in the air!

  1. Update your lighting

This is the secret to many houses that go on the market that need an instant facelift. Changing a light fixture or adding extra light to different corners of the room can drastically modify a space. Think cage lights, exposed bulbs, geometric woven timbers. Updating your lighting is one of the fastest, easiest and most savvy ways to refresh the look of your interiors. Try an industrial ceiling pendant to hang over your kitchen island, a statement table lamp or simply switch up your light globes with the Edison Filament Globe to create a vintage sensibility.

  1. Go neutral

Stick to the classics and surrender to the Zen of a neutral palette. Keep your look fresh and current with honest natural materials in their raw state. Neutral hues, textured elements, sea grass, linen, leather, fur throws, cable knits, soy candles… Balance out your neutral room with a variety of shades, materials and patterns. Try some scatter cushions, our natural throw, the Kite Vessel vase or even a screen to break up an open space.

  1. Channel Mother Nature

From smell, sight and touch, there are many ways that nature can enhance the interior of your house. Whether it’s faux or fresh, get fond of your fronds! Oversized monstera or banana leaves add life to any table, sideboard or mantle. Create a terrarium for the coffee table in an oversized mason jar bursting with succulents. Channelling Mother Nature does not have to be restricted to plants but can also include hues of colour or textures. Try giving your home an earthier feel with a vase of flowers, wooden picture frames or even an ottoman.

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Make a show: how to style your shelves

Wall art 2

Our shelves have a tendency to hoard countless books and become a space of clutter, rather than an eye catching display. To turn your shelf into something beautiful that you are proud to show in your home, we’ve put together some key things to remember when turning your shelf into a magical masterpiece.

  1. Add life and a pop of colour

Adding greenery and flowers to your shelves can really change the dynamic of your room. Sculptural vases in on-trend colours like Aqua and pastels add a feminine touch, and can be filled with roses, lilies or orchids. You can also add rich green plants or cactus, which look great in black or wooden pots, to create a more masculine effect.

  1. Set the mood

Beautiful candle stick holders or aromatic candles are visually appealing, and also smell amazing. Scented candles are popular and available in abundance; you can change this up as often as you like to create different moods on your shelf.  Ultimately they create a cosy atmosphere when lit up at night and are on trend throughout the day.

  1. Maximise on the classics

We all have that favourite classic novel, or beautiful cookbook we hold dear. Maximise these books and use them sparingly on your shelves to add that extra visual touch, rather than cluttering a shelf with every book you own. Also be creative in the way you stack them, mix it up with neat piling of horizontal and vertically books.

  1. Show your personality

Don’t forget to showcase that unexpected item that portrays a bit of your personal character. This could be anything from frames of quotes and photos of friends, to an old-school camera or cigar set. Just remember to add a bit of yourself to make your shelf unique.

  1. Colour co-ordinate

You don’t want a wacky shelf looking a bit off-colour, so be aware of the shades you use and stick with a co-ordinated colour-theme. Colours on trend at the moment are aged gold mixed with graphic black and white, while a primary palette of red, white and yellow is appearing as we move out of the Winter months.

  1. Be practical

While it’s easy to get carried away with all of the visually enticing ways you can style your shelves, ensure you add practical storage, because sometimes you really will just need to store some things away. For example, a beautiful bowl can be used to hold smaller objects like keys, or pens.

  1. Integrate

It’s always a good idea to consider height of what you have on your shelf, to make yourself some different height surfaces to work with, integrate any books you need stored as well. You can create real impact by facing all the spines away from you – with only the books pages facing forward this is a really interesting surface to work with, allowing you to build up all your collectables.

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Styling 101 with Billie and Camilla

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes and the sofa is often the focus of your living room. There’s no doubt that a sofa is a strong style statement in a home.  It offers a familiar comfort to our every day – we relax after a long day at work, we laugh and cry watching our favourite movies and we sink in to enjoy a hot cup of tea.

All of this is why our latest sofas, the Billie and the Camilla, are making an impact. The petite mid-century pieces are offered exclusively online (Billie) and as a limited edition in store and online (Camilla), and we love them both. We’re eager to get a little creative with how to place them in our home, so we’ve had a chat with Freedom’s Upholstery Buyer, Kylie Burgon, who has given us a rundown on the finest way to style these pieces.

The Billie

What space do you think the Billie is most suited for?
The Billie has an elegant profile which I just adore, and I think it’s perfect for those smaller apartment spaces.

What design aspects make Billie stand out from the crowd?
The button-back details and tapered timber legs speak of its dedication to smart design. The fabric is also really beautiful, as it has a linen slub yarn and feels nice to touch.

What can we add to make Billie ‘pop’ this season?
For Billie, I’d recommend the Aquarius coffee table as it’s a real character piece and right on trend.

What extra value do you think the Billie can offer a home?
Well, it’s available in five great colours, so Billie can add a real ‘wow’ factor, especially in my favourite colour gold! Style and value definitely wraps up the essence of Billie.

The Camilla

What was it that drew you to the Camilla?
It was Camilla’s feminine arm profile, button-back detail and dainty timber legs which drew me in – I find this piece incredibly striking.

What kind of home will the Camilla work in?
Good news for fans of Camilla. Her beautiful fabric and on-trend light grey will pretty much work in almost any interior.

How would you style the Camilla?
For Camilla, I’d recommend a rounded shape coffee and side table like the Ezra, to tie back with the nice rounded arm shape. These nests of tables are also functional!

What kind of room would the Camilla work best in?
The Camilla can work in most areas, and the dainty timber legs help create an illusion of more space, which is great when placed in smaller living areas.

Enjoy this piece? Take a look at our latest sofas and coffee tables here.


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Pinterest edit: Top 10 most pinned in July

Pinterest top 10 July

This winter, we’ve found that Pinterest is best served on a cold day, pouring over images with a hot mug of tea by our side and a set of warm fluffy socks on our feet. It’s the place we head to inspire and be inspired. It’s also the place where we get completely lost… immersed in all the beautiful images and lose track of time.

We love to see what you’re loving too! It’s one of our favourite things to do. So please, keep it up and share with your style. Here are the top pins this month, as pinned by you.

  1. Aroma candle, pomegranate & orange blossom

Encased in a beautiful rustic wooden box, our new range of Aroma candles smell so dreamy you won’t want to blow them out. The pomegranate and orange blossom scent transports us straight from winter to summer…

  1. Lemon fruit slice doormat

The new fruit slice doormats are a great way to brighten the dreary winter months. Fun and fruity this is the best way to bring visual excitement to your home.

  1. Gladys tumbler in seagreen

The Gladys tumblers are perfect for entertaining for friends and family. We love the textured design which adds a bit of oomph to the dining table and the seagreen adds a lovely pop of colour!

  1. Dahlia 3 seat sofa

The Dahlia sofa is a firm favourite. The industrial design, elegance and sophistication of Dahlia works in a multitude of interiors. This premium throw is also a great addition to staying snugly!

  1. Slice queen quilt cover set

We love geometrics this season. The honeycomb detailing and the colour palette of our Slice queen quilt cover set makes it all the more sweet.

  1. Frankie throw

Cosy gets cosier with the Frankie throw. Throws are our chilly weather must have; there’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book and a warm throw.

  1. Titan table lamp

Embrace Scandinavian inspired style with this beauty. Our Titan table lamp has sleek lines combined with natural timber. It’s the seasons must have.

  1. Horden tripod floor lamp

The Horden Tripod light adds a rustic industrial feel. We’re big fans of metals this season, and the added texture of the shade adds visual interest.

  1. Henderson queen bed

Dreamy and elegant, the Henderson bed is fashion forward, solid and ergonomic. Go wild with quilts, sheets and pillow. Sweet dreams.

  1. Sixties coffee table 

Retro styling come on down! We love the sixties range and this coffee table is the perfect addition to a seriously sexy room… yeah baby!

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Styling on a budget


The home is a sanctuary, it’s the place you relax after a hard day and the space you savour with your loved ones. This is why creating a home which you love aesthetically is so important. Choosing the right statement pieces in order to do this can be costly however; today on the blog we will discuss how to choose the right pieces to enhance your bedroom and living room style.

The living room

The sofa you choose becomes the focal point of the room. Tailor this piece to your personal style – experiment with fabrics, leather, texture and better yet, go in store and see the tangible product. It’s a game changer. But before you go in, have a number in mind.  Korryn Bentley, Freedom Homewares Buyer recommends the Camilla sofa for the style conscious and the budget conscious.

“In Austria Light Grey, the Camilla Sofa is a versatile sofa option and is ideal for small living spaces or a great addition to your already established combinations of living furniture. I really love the profile of this model, especially the subtle arm design – It is something different that you are not seeing in the market.  At $999 it is an amazing price point for a 3 seat sofa!”

Once you have the sofa sorted, next you need to decide on the other major furnishings. A sleek entertainment unit, a rustic coffee table, a beautiful floor lamp; furniture creates warmth and personality in a room making it appealing. Korryn loves a book case to add to the living space.

“The Stockholm Bookcase at $699 is a steal. To make a real impact in your home, invest in a few of these to pack out with books and curios. This summer I have totally embraced indoor plants and the Stockholm bookcase is perfect to display them – I especially love how the objects you place in the bookshelf appear to float, but that’s just me.”

The bedroom

A dreamy, more personal space is the bedroom. The most focal part of the bedroom is obviously the bed. Your bed’s look and style has the ability to transform the entire room. Consider the size of the space first. It’s the little details here which will make all the difference – factor in the height of the headboard, the legs, the clearance under the bed (in case you are lacking space). Beds like the Cancun Queen Bed with pull out drawers will be a storage delight!

Lucie McCann, Freedom Buyer’s pick for the bedroom is the Frieda Queen Bed.

“It’s a simple but stylish bed in white with beautiful tapered oak legs. This bed is an ideal backdrop to showcase my passion for bedlinen and layering my bed with cushions and throws.”

A quality mattress is the next step, when it comes to a good night’s sleep you’ll thank us when you invest in one of our quality brands. Head in to one of our stores and have a bit of fun. Bounce around – put your feet up and take the time to lie down (but no snoozing!). Lucie’s pick for a mattress is the Whitehaven Capri Mattress, its great quality and also made in Australia.

“The Whitehaven Capri mattress for $799 (for a queen) is a perfect match for the Frieda bed. It is a modern design with a traditional double sided sleep surface.”

Now, time to rest. In style.

(1) Frieda Queen Bed  (2) Whitehaven Capri Mattress  (3) Camilla Sofa  (4) Stockholm Bookcase

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Who wants a heavenly night’s sleep?

Frieda Bed

People spend on average one-third of their lives in bed, but the quality of sleep they have at night will very much be determined by the quality of their mattress.

Goldilocks was onto something when being fussy with the three bears’ beds, refusing to sleep on something that was either too soft or too firm, holding out for something that was just right.

No matter what type of bed you choose it’s important to know what you need from a mattress and invest in good quality.

We have taken all the guesswork out of shopping for a mattress for you. We’re happy to say that all products in the range are engineered using high-quality continuous coil springs for proper body-correct support. Can you say ergonomic?!  All you have to do is choose your comfort level: firm, medium or plush?


For a restful night’s sleep, a mattress needs to support you in the position that you naturally sleep in.  A firm mattress will keep your spine aligned, particularly if you sleep on your stomach, which can cause your spine to flop without the right support.

It is also important to know the difference between firm support and firm feel.  Ideally, you should seek firm support with a comfortable feel. Comfort will be determined by your personal preference.


If you sleep on your back, invest in a medium mattress as it’ll provide support for your spine, back and neck while keeping you comfortable.

If you are prone to lower back pain, consider a medium mattress as it will give you both flexibility and support.


Finally, if you like to nestle in and sleep on your side a plush mattress may be your best choice for a good night’s sleep.  This is because it will support and contour to your body’s curves and can relieve aches in pressure points such as the hips.

Sweet dreams!

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Winter picks – real living x Freedom

We’re in the midst of hibernation weather, making home the most inviting place to be. So have some fun indoors, challenge your perception of a perfectly matched interior and cross over to the dark side… the quirky side… the mismatched side… and change up your style.

Freedom’s collaboration with real living recently, celebrates the cool and the quirky, we show you how here!

  1. Add a rug

The hardest part of getting up on a winter morning is knowing a cold floor awaits you.   A rug will add warmth underfoot and a burst of colour putting a spring in your step!

  1. Mix and match different patterns and prints

Layering assorted patterns and prints creates a charming, lived-in feeling, a boudoir of sorts that will have you starting to unwind the minute you walk through the door.

Create a cozy  nesting space with off-kilter pillows or with square cushions.

  1. Layer up with throws and blankets.

Whether you’re curling up and reading a good book or seeking extra warmth on a long cold night, a throw will be a welcome winter friend.

Choose from something soft and subtle or classic and checkered.

  1. Add flowers and foliage.

A touch of greenery will keep your home fresh and inviting, even when the heating is turned right up!  Embrace the quirky, mismatched theme by playing with shapes and patterns, mixing vibrant colours, with classic shapes in bolder patterns.

  1. Hang a large artwork above the bed.

The final step to making a space your own is expressing yourself through a piece of artwork.   This also anchors the room and you can create a sense of unity by selecting a piece that links the rooms hero colour.

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Entertain in style this Christmas in July

Christmas in july

Christmas in Australia means something a little different from our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Where the British are wearing warm, wooly jumpers with reindeer motifs splayed across the front, and Americans are jolly, drinking eggnog by the fire, we Australians can be found at Christmas lunch devouring platters of prawns, oysters, and yes, the occasional lobster.

This makes a Yuletide celebration all the more special come July. The temperature drops, the hats and scarves get pulled on and with the addition of the cold, we make the best of it by bringing a little festive cheer to our homes.

Christmas in July is a reason to bring the family and friends together and spend more time with your loved ones, so light some candles and fill your home with the wonderful scent of homemade food!

Our gift to you this Christmas in July is the following inspiration for getting into the spirit:

The food

Come Christmastime, we’re all about fresh seafood, fresh salads, ham and turkey – heavy food is not on the menu. July is our time to embrace warming, filling Christmas dishes which we may not have been able to consume in the summer!

Our idea of the ultimate Christmas meal starts with charcuterie boards filled to the brim with terrines, pates, cured meats, cheese, you name it! Charcuterie looks beautiful presented on wooden platters and is a crowd pleaser. Then comes the main, a feast of roasted meats and seasonal vegetables. Think porchetta served with a side of pumpkin with cinnamon and currants and roast turkey with stuffing and sweet potato puree – these recipes are a sure fire way to impress your friends and family! To end, we love these recipes to finish off a successful evening. Brown sugar and spice meringuesgingerbread pudding with red wine pears and everything smothered in creamy vanilla custard (because what is better than custard!).

Your beautiful food should be presented just so. Make sure to think about servingware. Things like dip bowls and punch bowls are great for entertaining – you’ll use them time and time again, especially with a big family.

The table

The table sets the mood and is one of the key factors in inspiring your guests to embrace the Christmas spirit. But don’t worry, this is the fun part! Rather than recreating your entire Christmas display, keep it simple with Christmas flourishes and speak through colour palettes.

Dress to impress: The table should be dressed and set before guests arrive. Think about tableware and cutlery beforehand, as well as those beautiful little touches for the table. We love flowers on the table, as well as candles to create ambiance. The odd Christmas bauble doesn’t go astray either! Remember though, with Christmas in July, less is more. Make sure you have plenty of room for all of the food!

Pick a theme: Red, green, white, silver, gold, grey, blue… whatever tickles your fancy, pick the colours you’ll be using beforehand and stick to it. A neutral palette creates a tranquil feel, while red and white keeps the feel modern and cheerful.

What we’re loving:

(1) Jem Lantern  (2) Bogart Tumblers  (3) Kwell Table Runner  (4) Sorrento Dinner Set  (5) Buco Runner  (6) Milk Bar bottle with straw   (7) Bottle vase  (8) Murphy Vessel   (9) Buco Placemat

The cheer

Keeping the kids entertained is also a big factor. Rather than entertaining them with TV or video games, why not try get them involved? Before your party, bake (or buy) some plain biscuits and lay out all of the toppings, sprinkles and all the decorative edible bits and bobs you can think of for a cookie decorating station. Decorating cookies is a fun, albeit messy, way to get the kids to celebrate the holiday season – where there’s mess, there’s fun!

Finally, Christmas is all about good times. The food and the company are integral but so is the atmosphere. Keep things jolly with eggnog or mulled wine/cider, and plan some fun activities for your guests. There’s a lot that can be done with Christmas karaoke, Christmas themed props and a camera!

Merry Christmas (in July) to all, and to all a good night!

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Getting lighting right: how to light up your home

Lighting Mix n Match

Whether you’re redecorating a new home or looking to update your home, lighting is often one of the last things on the list of priorities but lo and behold, it can actually make the biggest impact on your space.

A cosy ambiance, bright cool lights or warm mood lighting – the possibilities are endless to set the mood and tone of your space.

It can either be your best friend or worst enemy, just  ask anyone who has tried to squint reading while in the middle of a recipe, watch TV when all you can see is glare, or someone who has taken a not-so-flattering selfie.

So then, what’s the secret? The key is in the detail.

  1. Let’s talk space

When planning lighting, consider the space and how you use it.  Warm lighting is ideal for the living room, while cool lighting is perfect for tackling tasks for things like homework and food prep in the kitchen. Living areas are multi use, which means they need multiple light sources to tick the boxes. Dining spaces need softer lighting to create a sharing atmosphere; making meal times all the more special. Bedroom lighting is when your sense of personal style can really shine!

  1. Lay it out

When you’re in the mood to redecorate, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the design details. Think about your space from a layout perspective. Drawing a floorplan which maps out the current light sources is a great way to visualise which corners of the house might need a little more or a little less light. Consider both day time and night time by factoring in natural light.

  1. Decisions, decisions

Dark vs. light, ceiling vs. pendant, table lamp vs. floor…  it’s time to make decisions. Don’t be afraid to use different light sources, as it means more choice depending on the tone you want to set in the room. Think in layers and watch out for shadows.

Floor lights are a favourite of ours, because they add height to a space and can make a big difference in a dark corner. Add a gorgeous armchair like our Poppy armchair and you’ve got a new favourite reading spot.

Table lights are classic, elegant and a must for your living, bedroom and even dining room. Decorative table lamps are perfect for creating that cosy feel. They don’t always have to match though; that’s the beauty of table lamps as there is so much variety in shapes and textures.

Pendant lights can change the entire look of the room and we love using this style of light to create a beautiful focal point and design statement. Copper, concrete, woven, wire… One of our favourite looks is a clustered group of ceiling lights for visual interest! Spaced evenly over a kitchen bench or placed on either side of a bed, ceiling lights also add symmetry.

It’s not only the lamps or lights that can create impact. Globes are often forgotten and can act as a decorator accent too. Try to mix and match – globes like our Alana, Amelia, Mabel and Piper make a stunning effect when matched with other lights!

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How to style your coffee table

Manhattan 3 Seater

It sits in the middle of your living room for everyone to see, however sometimes coffee tables can look more of a respite for remote controls or become makeshift dining table. We want less ‘the last place I left an old magazine’ more ‘curated collection of objects which shows off my personal style’.

It’s easier than you think. Here are the steps:

Step one: Detox
Clear it off. All of it. We mean it – start with a clean slate

Step two: Select
Select items which speak to your own personal style. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Be conscious of the hues when you’re getting started – use a colour palette to tie it all together
  • Add a natural element to your coffee table. This might be in the form of fresh flowers, coral or succulents. This will breathe life into your room!
  • Books are a great way to display your tastes and interests. Not only do they look stylish, but they make a great conversation piece. Pick covers with bright colours or stand out lettering as they add personality. Remember, largest on the bottom, smallest on the top
  • Remotes are useful yes, stylish no. Hide them away in decorative boxes

Step three: Rebuild
This is where less is more. Keep it simple, sleek and uncluttered. As you style your coffee table, pay attention to the heights of items on the table as height will add visual interest – go on, have a play!
Coffee table styling is a personal experience. Whether you adore Scandinavian style, feminine elegance or coastal inspired looks, it’s each to their own. Don’t rush it though! Just like styling any other area, these things take time.

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Pinterest edit: Top 10 most pinned in June

We pinned them, but you’ve spoken.

Here’s our top 10 most pinned products this month. See what our Pinterest users love!

1. Fringe throw
This warm and cosy knitted throw has a classic design and is perfect for the cold winter months. A perfect pop of yellow!

2. Adele Ottoman
Made with beautiful, soft linen blend fabric, the classic tufting will set it apart from the crowd. Adele is also compact – ideal for small spaces.

3. Penny Table Lamp
Dusty blue is fast becoming one of our favourite colours of the season. Embrace the rustic look – this piece has a gorgeous antique feel and complements spaces which are softer-toned.

4. Above Cushion
Say hello to tranquility with this multi pastel cushion. Reminiscent of aquamarine waters and a coastal oasis, the Above cushion is perfect for either the bedroom or lounge room.

5. Amelia Queen Quilt
We love the geometric trend this season! The Amelia quilt set adds some fun to your bed linen with bright colour play with a graphic punch.

6. Bacchus Wine Storage
We’re all about great storage. A beautiful house for your treasured wine collection, the Bacchus wine storage unit is the perfect height to use as a desk or pour drinks from, making your wine drinking experience all the more satisfying.

7. Dahlia Sofa
Fast becoming one of our favourite sofas, the three seat Dahlia is an interpretation of our best-selling Brooklyn sofa. It’s a sofa you can sink into – the Dahlia is as comfy as it is stylish.

8. Frieda Dining Table
The Danish-inspired Frieda adds a fresh note to your dining room, with solid oak legs and fresh matte white lacquered finish. Dreamy and sophisticated.

9. Folded sofa
Navy adds a pop of personality in your home and the Folded sofa delivers in both style and comfort. Sink into some serious cosy with this sofa, you’ll never want to get up!

10. Jessie Cushion
With a striking palette, the Jessie cushion will accent your interiors with vibrant colour.
It’s made of cotton-sateen, and is so soft to touch!

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Entryway style with Nicole Valentine Don, Korryn Bentley and Steph Bond-Hutkin

It’s the first thing you see when you walk into your door; the first glimpse of home after a long day. We think of the entryway as your first impression – and as we know, first impressions count!

We asked three style buffs on what they cant live without in their entryways.


Nicole Valentine Don, Stylist and Blogger at The Transcontinental Affair

“An entryway for me is not complete without a doormat for wiping dirty shoes. If you come to my house, I prefer that you actually take your shoes off and leave them on the mat (I’m Canadian like that). A nice mirror is always a good idea for a quick check before you run out the door and I love adding circular shapes to my space wherever I can.”
Nicole’s pick: Madras Mat in Natural

Follow Nicole on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out her website.


Korryn Bentley, Freedom Senior Homewares Buyer

“I can’t live without my Sixties console – it welcomes me every time I walk in my front door. I have a table lamp that sits upon it that I turn on when I get home to find my way down the hallway. I detest clutter and my console hides away all the junk mail and newspapers I bring home. Plus, it’s a perfect spot to leave my keys.”
Korryn’s pick: Sixties Buffet in Natural


Steph Bond-Hutkin, Blogger at Bondville

“I love the soft glow of a welcoming lamp in my entryway when I come home. The Cordon Table Lamp ticks all the boxes – minimalist, chic and the red cord makes it a real head-turner.”
Steph’s pick: Cordon Table Lamp

Follow Steph on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and head to her blog for more. 

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The Insiders: Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer

Staying on top of the latest and bringing to life the trends of the season, our team of buyers scour the globe for special pieces for your home. Freedom Senior Homewares Buyer Korryn Bentley’s job is just that; hunting down and selecting beautiful items from all corners of the world to bring to our stores.

Today we chat with Korryn about her job and what goes on in the inside at Freedom.

In five words, describe your role with Freedom.
I am the Senior Homewares Buyer at Freedom. As well as selecting homewares products for the Freedom Stores, seasonally we come up with a new creative direction for products in the business and it is my job to analyze the trends we see in homes, on blogs, through fashion and at international trade fairs to come up with this direction. (Sorry, not five words).

What’s your favourite part of your job?
I love seeing product I have bought for the business in homes and secretly knowing the backstories to them all. I recently visited a friends mothers house where I saw half their house decked out with Freedom product, before long I  found myself telling everyone stories of how this and that product gets made in mass production. I’m a huge geek when I visit suppliers, I like to know every step of the process for how things are made.

How did you get started as a buyer?
I studied a degree in Textiles when I finished high school and my first job out of university was working with one of Sydney’s oldest textile studios. I painted textile patterns for years, but I always wanted to be part of the development process with suppliers and I was lucky enough to step into a Product Development Role. All my career I have worked with developing products, it is my real passion.

What’s the worst part of your job?
I travel a lot for work, and as glamorous as that sounds it also means no food in the fridge and limited clean clothes at my house.

Travel is a big part of your role – where’s your favourite place to go?
Hands down India – it is amass of colours and textures – it feels like my second home these days, I’m usually the one telling the taxi drivers the directions for where we are going.

Your weirdest work experience?
Some of the food I have to eat while travelling is a terrifying thought. But it is just all part of the job!

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5 quick and easy decorating tips for your bedroom

Don’t overlook the humble bedroom, it’s more than a place to lay your head and sleep. The bedroom is a haven – a place for relaxation, rejuvenation and calm.

We’ve got five easy ways to update your space with next to no fuss.

1. Layers: Don’t shy away from mixing it up with your bedding. New sheets can make all the difference! Layering colours and textures are a great first step, but if you’re wanting to take it up a notch, we love layering with prints and patterns. Ease yourself in by using patterns which work off the same colour palette or starting small with pillows and throws.

2. Lighting: Play with the ambiance in your bedroom. Table lamps are an elegant way of lighting the bedroom, however playing with height can also add interest with the use of floor lights or pendant lights. To generate a soft light, fill your room with fragrant candles to help you unwind and create a sense of calm.

3. Paint: There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint. Try adding an accent wall to your bedroom, behind the bed is a good place. Try a contrasting colour, or if paint isn’t your thing, wallpaper could be!

4. Mirrors: Add light and luxury to your bedroom with the addition of mirrors. Large mirrors create a feature wall, while small mirrors are ideal for adding dimension and the illusion of space.

5. Cushions: You’ve heard it from us before, and you’ll hear it from us again. Cushions are a quick and simple way to breathe new life into your bedroom – without costing an arm and a leg. Textured cushions in particular make the room pop. Chunky knits and fringing are a great start!

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A quick interview with real living’s Deb Bibby

If you haven’t already taken a peek at our real living for Freedom collection – go now! It’s the perfect mesh of whimsy, a nod to nostalgia,  it breaks every rule – and we love it. Today we’re chatting with chief collaborator and editor-in-chief at real living, Deborah Bibby to gain some insight into her style and inspiration.

Inspiration for the new real living for Freedom collection? A weekend stay at a property called Currawong on the Pittwater, a long time ago. They had beautiful paisley eiderdowns on each bed, I tried to track them down years later and it proved impossible. Freedom got inspired and made a quilt in a similar style and colour palette except they added some cool tassels.

Favourite piece? The above mentioned quilt  and also love the simple army style blankets – a classic.

I get inspired by… Katty Schiebeck interiors and Roman and Williams interiors both very different both unique.

 Winter is…for open fires, sheepskins and best friends around the dinner table.

Tea or coffee? Chai Tea

Favourite song of the moment? Ray LaMontagne ‘You are The Best Thing from Gossip in The Grain album.  And can I have another? Birdy Wings.

Morning or night? Night, the quiet ignites my brain. Wish I was a crack of dawn morning person, trying to change.

My favourite winter memory… Bonfires on the beach

On Saturday mornings I always… Walk up to the Lighthouse at Barrenjoey and race back down for the best chai tea in the world at The Boathouse – made by Brazilian barista Tersio.

Favourite colour? Green

Who (or what) inspires you? My mum – she is so beautifully elegant, classic and loving.

Peter Beard’s artwork and books are an endless source of inspiration to me. If I need to get visually revved up I just flick through his book Fifty Years of Portraits.

My son Jack inspires me with his passion for photography and fishing – he turned his love into his gig and is  genuinely following his dreams, proud mama.

I can’t go a day without Checking Instagram! @deb_bibby and @reallivingmag

Last meal? Mussels in chilli tomato with a baguette on the side – OMG! Especially the ones at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Woy Woy!!!

My best winter getaway would be to… A hideaway in Kangaroo Valley.

Favourite Freedom piece: I have a Metro lamp and must say I’m loving it.

Favourite winter pastime? Going for a hike with thermos and mezza lunch pack.

Bed making rule – hospital corners or relaxed? Relaxed – I love un-ironed linen.

Best style tip you ever received? Keep it simple.

At home your style is… No style more an essence of a look.

When I come home the first thing I do is… Build a fire.

Style icon? Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy – the simplicity! She created her own style.

Beach or country? Beach, salt, waves, sun – who can resist?

Favourite indulgence? A stack of magazines on the sofa and the afternoon to myself.

Cat or dog? A dog in a heartbeat!

Entertain at home or out? At home, I love seeing the house come alive.


Shop the real living for Freedom collection now. 

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5 Ideas to Refresh Your Dining Room

It’s not just a special occasion that calls for a dining table refresh. Creating a space you like spending time in means mealtimes are that much more special, conversations flow, and you can create warm memories – all around your dining table.

You might be thinking: dining room = table, chairs, a bit of lighting, a buffet – what more could there be to it? And we have to say – there’s a lot more you can add to make this space a living place to host nightly meals, and more extravagant dinner parties.

Canterbury Dining

1. Zones: A rug defines the zone of the dining table, visually it should echo the shape of the dining table. Round dining table, round rug. Rectangular dining table, rectangular rug. And we can’t stress enough – buy a larger size – small rugs look mean, if you can afford to buy a larger rug, it’s a great investment.

Zones are particularly important in open plan spaces – you can create separate intimate spaces with rugs, while still maintaining the open space. You can create smaller spaces within a larger space with the humble rug.

A rug can also lay down a style or personality to differentiate the space from the rest of the house, you can really play with colours, prints, weaves to clearly define a look for your dining space.

Wharf Dining

2. Incorporate the unexpected: So we covered that a dining room traditionally houses a table, chairs, a buffet, but these days gone are the formal dining rooms – a modern home is all about every room being a living space that’s used daily. We love the look of a bookcase, or shelving in a dining room to house treasures, favourite reads and special pieces. Not only for the visual boost, but also because the dining table can also play host to so much more than just meals. It can be the home office, the homework station, the hub of bill-paying, holiday-planning – and so much more.

Make the room beautiful and functional – and you’ll get so much more out of that space.

3. Refresh your dinnerware: This is a great opportunity to introduce a bit of fashion to the dining room without breaking the bank. You can afford to play around with dinnerware for a really quick update that reflects your personality and style. Go graphic, classic, or ethnic-inspired and really play around with colour, scale and print. It can make a good meal look great, quality dinnerware always helps to improve a meal no matter your skill level in the kitchen!

muralimage via Interiorator

4. Make a grand statement: This is the perfect opportunity to create a focal point, to fuel conversation,a feast for the eyes, and to set the tone. How? Lighting is always fun to play with – a low-slung pendant can create drama, as well as set the mood and create ambience.

But what about walls? A fresh lick of paint freshens up a room, can help guests get in the mood for a relaxed dinner (red is great to whet the appetite)  – but if you’re feeling particularly brave – a wall mural can say so much (as seen above).

And for really thinking outside the box – painting your ceiling a different colour can create height and draw the eye up, while helping update a tired space.

5. Get Mixed Up: Nothing throws tradition on its head more than mixing up dining chairs. Play with modern and traditional, colour, timber, upholstered, shaker-style – mix them up and play musical chairs at every meal time. It says relaxed, good times ahead.

What’s your dining room style?

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Long Weekend: 3 days to make-over your home

Do you think three days isn’t long enough to make an impact at home? We’re here to prove you wrong.

Three days is the perfect amount of time to give your space an overhaul, and then kick back and relax and bask in the glory of your hard work. How? Block out your diary, get yourself organised – we’ve got the low down to make sure you can make a simple overhaul happen!

Day One – Declutter: It’s all about decluttering and stripping your space bare. You might have to live with things getting messy before they get neater – but that’s ok. Embrace it.

Jason Grant, author and interior stylist offered his tip for conquering day one, “It’s all about the edit, think about what you have in your space. Things in your home should be practical as well as beautiful, hopefully both.”

Bring in five boxes and mark them:

  • Toss: this is anything you can pass on to family or friends that’s in good nick and that will go on to live a long and happy life – but not in your home
  • Keep: this is for anything you really want to hold onto
  • Charity: anything that’s in really good condition, that someone else might like, but that doesn’t naturally have someone you can gift it to (i.e. toss)
  • Garbage: this is stuff no one is going to want. It’s damaged, missing parts, or so old your Aunt Mabel doesn’t even know where it came from
  • Recycle: play nice with the environment – whatever you don’t want and can be recycled, recycle it!

Now, get stuck in! Pump up some motivating tunes (think Eye of the Tiger, who doesn’t love some Rocky Balboa), get into some comfy clothes – you are going to get this done even if it hurts (trust us, this won’t hurt a bit).

Jason continued, “It’s important for everything to have a home, a space that you know where to find it. I think its important to avoid clutter in the home. You can never have too much storage, a space free of clutter helps to prevent a cluttered mind, and helps to create a calm and restful home. I’m a fan of the “new minimalist look” its warm, comfortable and cosy but is edited and considered not crowded with lots of things, but filled with things that make you smile.”

So once you’re done sorting, move all the stuff that’s not staying – out of your house. This will give you some visual space and clarity – you can come back to this pile later.

Now is the time to give your space a good clean. Get a straw broom and rid the corners and crevices of cobwebs, give the walls a wipe down, vacuum (under a sofa and a bed it can get a little bit questionable! Don’t be shy!) and then mop (not if you’ve got carpet though). We love using sugar soap to focus on any areas on walls/doors that are high traffic – you will notice a big difference! Give the windows a clean, take the curtains/blinds down if you can. Now you have a blank canvas. And if you don’t? Keep going.

Manhattan 3 Seater clock option

Day Two – Paint it up: Painting a wall, or an entire room can be transformative. A fresh lick of paint can mean a fresh lease on life, so don’t be afraid to tackle this task!

We talked to Interior Design Expert and ambassador for Taubmans, Shaynna Blaze for her top tips for painting and transforming your space this long weekend:

  • Plan your attack: Look at the project as a whole rather than just one change. If you’re just painting a wall, have a look at the furniture and accessories that you’ll be keeping in the space to guide your colour choice. If you’re overhauling the entire room, pick one key piece to start as your inspiration for the transformation., like a piece of art or large piece of furniture. From there you can choose other items that complete the look – including the right Taubmans paint colour for your walls.
  • Choose wisely: Your main goal when painting a room is to create a look that is not only cohesive, but also one that makes you happy! Colour is deeply personal, so consider what your first reaction is to different colours, for example, calming, energetic, passionate. Then consider what emotion you want to create in the specific room you are painting to help you narrow your choices.
  • Preparation is key: Make sure you clean your surface, remove any flaking paint and treat mouldy surfaces with bleach and water to ensure your paint sticks properly. Without a good prep job, your paint job will suffer. Don’t forget to make sure you have the correct amount of paint! Calculate the amount of paint you need using the Paint Calculator tool

Jason Grantimage courtesy of Jason Grant from ‘Holiday at Home‘ photograph by Lauren Bamford 

Day Three – Redecorate and celebrate: So by now you’ve decluttered, you’ve culled what you don’t want, and your space looks and feels (almost) brand new again. What next?

“Start small – you don’t have to redecorate your whole house or the whole room. Why not start with an easy go-to area like a shelf, coffee table or sideboard and create your very own vignette; think about shapes, height and odd numbers add and subtract until it feels right. Once you master this then you’re ready for a bigger project,” added Jason.

Day three should be the fun part. The hard work isn’t over but don’t worry, trust us – the finishing touches make all the difference and your space will feel even more special. You won’t regret it!

For more decorating inspiration and ideas take a look at Jason Grant’s ‘Holiday at Home‘ and ‘A Place Called Home‘ – available at all good book stores. 

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Quick Kitchen Updates

IG SandB


Our new Onyx canisters are getting kitchens around Australia organised in the most stylish way possible.

Perfectly sophisticated in black and white, they’re made contemporary with a blackboard finish – perfect for labeling your pantry items. Plus they’re stylish enough to keep out on display – as demonstrated by Simmer and Boyle‘s stylish kitchen benchtop above (and hey! Who doesn’t love cookies?!).

Sunday Collector showcases hers at home, on display on the counter too, proving that storage can be chic as it is practical.

Shop the Onyx canisters now (plus the’re currently on sale!).  

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How to inject colour into your home for winter

Winter can be a really dreary time of year. But at home – it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve got 5 quick tips to inject some colour into your home this winter:

1. Cushions! We keep talking about them, we know, but they are a budget-friendly way to switch up your style and your palette. Choose a key colour, and play on that throughout the room – it will keep the eye moving, and create visual harmony.

Wall Art

2. Wall Art: Draws your eye up and has the potential on a large scale to pack a punch. This winter we’ve intentionally worked with a brighter palette to riff off our natural light, and make the most of those daylight hours.

3. Introduce nature: Plants are a great way of incorporating nature, as well as some colour to your space. Choose a beautiful vase or vessel, pick up a bunch of flowers – et voila. Mother Nature can’t be rivalled for her artistic merits!

Impressions Dinnerware4. Kitchen Confidential: We love adding small pops of colour in unexpected places. The dining table is one place that it’s super simple to colour up – switch up your classic white plates with something fresh. It will make dinner time more fun, and create a new look and feel for your entertaining.

5. Don’t forget the smallest room: The bathroom is meant to be a haven to wash away the day and revitalise yourself. But sometimes it’s neglected. Fresh towels are the perfect way to pump up the volume, a shower caddy is a fun storage solution, a shower curtain can add some personality. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can really refresh your space.

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#cushionappreciationclub Members Enrollment

We have great news. We’re welcoming new members to our exclusive #cushionappreciationclub (hey who are we kidding, if you love cushions, you are straight into the club, no waiting list!).

Lisa and Rebecca from We Are Scout gave their bedroom and living room (respectively) a quick, budget-friendly makeover using cushions from the Freedom collection.

was livingroom

The results are warm, live-able spaces that ooze personality, sophistication and just make you want to curl up and relax in the goodness.

Take a trip over to their site to read all about it, as they share tips and tricks to updating the look and feel of the room with one of the cosiest homewares ever. The simple cushion.

Head to We Are Scout now.

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What I’m Loving: Rebecca Lowrey Boyd, We Are Scout

If you haven’t come across new super-blog We Are Scout, then you better hot foot it. When two awesome Australian bloggers (the red thread and Wee Birdy) merged earlier this week, they really ramped things up and became the go-to for the how-to and the what-to (what-to covet and aspire to).

So today we’re lucky to hear from Rebecca Lowrey Boyd, one half of said super group, to hear what she loves from the Freedom A/W15 Collection.

1. Sia pendant: I love the classic Scandi-style mix of timber and white, and the elegant silhouette of this pendant would add an instant style update to any room.

2. Duo Cheese Board: Marble and timber is one of this seasons’ biggest trends, and you can never have too many serving boards.

3. Dame ottoman: Ottomans are the new furniture must-have. They’re endlessly adaptable and I love the button tufting detail on this really amazing piece.

4. Claro vessel in green: I collect vintage glass vessels, and I’m adding this little stunner in the most gorgeous green to my collection.

5. Milena basket in copper: What’s that? A copper-coloured wire basket? Why yes, I must have own it immediately. It’s a great way to update your home with on-trend rose-gold tones without spending too much money.

Shop the Freedom AW15 Collection now.

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5 tips to cosy up your home for winter

Baby, it’s cold outside – like ridiculously, snap your fingers – let’s call this winter – properly cold.

Today we’re sharing five quick tips to cosy up your home – hang the electricity bills, and curl up warm and content in the knowledge that you’re warm and content.


1. Add a rug: Nothing beats warmth underfoot. By covering your floors in warm textiles, you instantly add warmth. It’s an inexpensive way to add a layer to the floor, create a statement and make your home a little more cosy.

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, we love the look of layered rugs. What is it? Overlapping rugs on the floor to create more of a carpeted effect, with clashing (or matching) rugs to create not only something beautiful underfoot, but a real visual delight. It can be hard to nail, but if you play around with patterns, textures and sizes, it can really work!

We’d recommend overlapping a neutral rug with something more punchy. Say our ever-popular Madras rug, or the lush feel of the Nova rug, with the bold Coombes rug (the neutral palette of Nova, ties into the accent on Coombes) – or tie in with the traditional look of the Kaleidescope rug, which gives you ample colours to play with.


2. Throw on a throw: Winter is… curling up on the sofa with a throw and watching movies. Or binge watching your favourite TV series. Warmth can sometimes be a perception, so adding in layers and textures can really do wonders to creating a cosier space. Throws should be high on your priority list when it comes to creating a comfortable, live-able space.

Choose something you love, that works back with the existing pieces in your home. We love the Grobi Bear throw (it’s faux, faux sure) for snuggle factor, and also for that lush, almost playful texture. The Cosy Up throw from our real living for Freedom collection conjures up your grandmother’s home, warm nostalgia at its best. If you like a more masculine meets industrial aesthetic and need to warm things up, the Forma throw in black and white is cool and classic, while being totally functional.

And when it comes to colour, warmth, texture and rating high on the snuggle factor? Go for the Chunky Knit throw. It’s like it’s just been taken from grandma’s oversized knitting needles in a thoroughly modern emerald that brings a freshness to your space that only green can.


3. Turn the lights on: While fires naturally warm up a home, even lighting a candle can bring warmth to a space, but playing around with pendant, table and floor lights can create drama.

Add a floor lamp to a corner that makes a statement, and bounces light around the space. We love the new Metro floor lamp – its sleek styling and exposed bulb means it creates impact, while throwing off a beautiful warm light reflected in the copper colour of the stand.

The Accordion Table Lamp is old-school charm at its best, and ideal for beside a reading chair or bedside. We love the look of the Cordon Table Lamp from our new real living for Freedom collection. The warm blonde base coupled with the red cord makes it a modern classic, while the directional light is great for reading or just for an extra warm glow in your home.

Pendant lighting can create warmth, ambience and drama – it’s working triple duty while creating instant impact. We love the look in kitchens, hung low over dining tables, and sometimes even bedsides.

For a striking, open grid design, the Crate Pendant (42cm) is perfect for everyday luxe.  The limited edition Gilt Pendant (46cm) merges nature with the opulence of metallics, casting a soft glow.

And for the ultimate in customising, take a look at our Mix & Match lighting. So many pendants to choose from to really create your own look.


4. Layer up: Nothing beats climbing into a cosy bed at night. Update your bed for those cold winter nights by layering. Make your own rules, because nothing beats cosy, and there’s no limit to layers! We love a throw on the end of the bed for extra warmth, but as Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer says: ‘I make my own rules when it comes to my bed. I love a plump, decadent bed, so I put not one but two quilts into the quilt cover. It’s like sleeping under a marshmallow.”


5. Treat your windows: Windows can make or break a room – they frame the space, and the view. Think hard before you invest because you want to get it right! Take a look at how to guide for tips and tricks on how to navigate the tricky window dressing rules.

The right window coverings can keep heat in the space, create privacy with block out, and filter that warm winter light.

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real living for Freedom: Staff Picks

If you haven’t taken a look at the new real living for Freedom collection – the time is nigh! It’s in store and online now, and perfect for creating cosy in your home for winter. And right now MyFreedom members* can save 30% off the entire real living for Freedom range (for a limited time only).

We asked some of our people behind the scenes to share their favourite five pieces from the collection.


Alexandra Rajewski, Homewares Buying Assistant: The real living for Freedom range feels really wintery and homely. The materials and patterns in the range exude a sense of warmth with the use of leather, timber and wire worked back with florals and classic tartan. I think what really draws me to these pieces is that they are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

1. Serious Table Lamp: Hand-finished in India, this leather lamp is the masculine anchor for my feminine decor. The timeless style together with stitch detail means this is high on my wish list.

2. Cosy Up ThrowMy favourite piece is the Cosy Up Throw in Pink. It is a merino wool blend and I am dreaming of the cooler nights so that I can snuggle under it next to a fire with a book and mug of hot chocolate. I love to give my bedroom a makeover each season, and this range is the perfect starting point for a moodier look that I have been coveting.

3. Along The Horizon rug: I love that this rug is like a muted licorice all sort! Flatweave rugs are my ultimate go-to for an instant flooring update.

4. Store It Baskets: I love these industrial look storage baskets, perfect to stow my ever-growing collection of knick-knacks, and my keys as I come in the door.

5. Happy Monday Quilt Cover – Queen: I would flip this over so I can make the most of that retro-good floral print. With just the right hit of neon, it’s a playful way to lighten up for Winter.


Annabelle Wotton, Assistant Buyer: 

1. Chunky Knit Cushion GreyAnything in a chunky knit is a must in my book! The oversized scale of the ‘Chunky Knit Cushion’ and the neutral grey colour would be a warming addition to my living room!

2. Serious Table LampThere is a great use of leather used throughout the range on pieces which don’t traditionally use leather, in particular, I love the tan leather used on the base of the Serious lamp, finished off with the contrast cross stitch detail.

3. Carry Me Tote BagVersatile and Chic, the ‘Carry Me Tote’ is also a must have. Perfect for an everyday, oversized handbag or my preference, a laptop bag! I love the mix of felt and leather, with the subtle addition of the red stitch across the top.

4. Store It BasketsA beautiful mix of materials – the mix of aged timber and black wire create industrial simplicity to these practical storage solutions.

5. Adele CanistersA good looking way to hide your odds and ends! I love the use of old school enamel with navy trim.


Lambert Hervet, Marketing Intern:

1. To The Moon CushionThis cushion will add a new comfy and intergalactic personality to your sofa!

2. Over The Rainbow Rug: The multi-colour patchwork design of this rug will bring light and vitality to my bedroom.

3. Chunky Knit Throw 130 x 170cm: It’s almost impossible to find a throw as warm as it is stylish! This one nails it.

4. Button 3 seat sofa: I really like this duck egg blue sofa enough to spend a whole rainy Sunday at home lying on it, it’s equally at home in Summer as it is in Winter.

5. Lucky Table Lamp in Emerald Green: This retro lamp looks perfect, especially for students who want some visual joy while spending long nights studying.

RL_StephenStephen Zappia, Business Support

1. Store It baskets: These work together with Wired Metal Basket (3) and the Peg It Rack (5) in my home to create a rustic warehouse look, while still being extremely useful. I store throws and blankets in the wired basket, bread and other dry goods in the storage baskets, and am currently hanging old photos of my grandparents and other family members on the Peg It Rack

2. Adele MugReminiscent of my childhood, going camping with my family and huddling around the fire sipping hot cocoa.

4. Lucky Table LampMy new favourite lamp because it is truly versatile – looks great as a centerpiece, while still being uber practical


Lana Bromley, Graphic Designer: 

1. Peg It Rack: This is a funky way of displaying moodboards, photos or keepsakes. I love the vintage feel – I want one in my study!

2. Green Stripe Quilt Cover setA nice way to introduce a classic stripe into the bedroom without being too overwhelming.

3. Leather Cushion: My fave by far. A timeless investment piece that will only get better with age.

4. Midnight Dreams Cushion: I love the versatility of this cushion. Use it to make a statement with the black side, or flip it over and it work in with a cushion combo!

5. Chunky Knit Throw in Emerald Green: Emerald is ‘so hot right now’ and for good reason. The pop of colour makes cold winter nights a lot more bearable!

Shop the real living for Freedom collection now

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Mother’s Day: Kate Oliver, Photographer

‘Love is the best thing we do.’ – Unknown

If you’re on Instagram, then you really owe it to yourself to follow Kate Oliver, photographer and mum to three beautiful little boys, quick smart!

With a keen eye and a supreme talent for shooting incredibly beautiful, swoon-worthy images, her feed is an inspiration every day! Based in the rolling green hills of the Coffs Harbour hinterland, everyday life is transformed into a masterpiece under the artful lens of Kate.

Follow Kate Oliver on Instagram. 

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Mother’s Day: Vanessa Colyer Tay, Stylist

‘Love is the best thing we do.’ – Unknown

Vanessa Colyer Tay is one of the best. With a keen eye, a gentle nature, and a fierce talent, she creates beautiful imagery every day.

If you google her name you’re going to be coming up roses with so much heady inspiration, you won’t know where to start!

Follow Vanessa on Facebook,  stay up-to-date with on Instagram, and check out her website

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Mother’s Day: Sarah Ellison – Style Editor, real living

‘I have so much of you in my heart.’ – John Keats

We’ve been loving gleaning insets from these mums over the last few days.

Sarah Ellison is an incredibly busy woman, pumping out beautiful shoots as the Style Editor at real living. She’s got a sharp eye for colour, a knack for creating surprising images that challenge the traditional notion of interiors, that can be interpreted for the real life home.

The Sydney-based mother-of-one (supremely cute baby B, a super chilled out, content, happy, cute, gorgeous little guy) is a flurry of ideas and always on the run!

Follow Sarah on Instagram, and check out her work in real living.  

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Mother’s Day: Megan Morton, Stylist and Author

‘All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.’ – Abraham Lincoln

We’re loving chatting with some of our favourite mums in the lead up to Mother’s Day. Today we have one of Australia’s leading stylists, Megan Morton. She’s also an author of three brilliant books, and principal at The School – the home of hands-on and excellent ideas. Plus she’s super funny too.

She can reawaken and reinvigorate the creative in the most uncreative. A mother of three, she’s got boundless energy, and that’s only part of why we love her!

Follow Megan on Instagram for daily hits of the bright and beautiful. Take a look at her website, or check out The School for a list of classes. 


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Mother’s Day: Pip Lincolne, Meet Me At Mikes

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” – unknown

With Mother’s Day fast on the approach – we took the time to ask some of our favourite mums what the day means to them. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing their insights, we can hardly wait.

Today we kick off with the supremely talented, funny, and crafty Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes. In case you haven’t come across Pip, she’s one of Australia’s best and brightest bloggers. She shares her crafty, colourful life with her readers from all around the world.

A Melbourne-based writer and crafter, Pip has just launched her fifth book (GO PIP!) ‘Craft for the Soul‘ – sharing Pip’s ideas and inspiration for introducing craft and creativity into your everyday life.

Read more over on Pip’s blog.  Or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Pip’s new book ‘Craft for the Soul’ is out now, available at all good book stores. 

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Mother’s Day: Michelle Crawford, Hugo & Elsa

‘Home is where mum is.’ – Unknown

Michelle Crawford, blogger at Hugo & Elsa and author of soon to be released book ‘A Table In The Orchard‘ lives in the idyllic Tasmania, with her husband and two children.

A devoted cook and eater (self-described), stylist, home economist, she loves standing by the stove making her jam, labelled ‘Apple Town’.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Michelle on the eve of her book launch, so she could share her thoughts on Mother’s Day.

You can follow her blog here, live vicariously through her Instagram feed, and stay up to date via Facebook

Michelle’s book ‘A Table In The Orchard’ is available for pre-order at all good book stores. 

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Quick Storage Solutions

“A place for everything, everything in it’s place.” – Benjamin Franklin

Nothing is more satisfying than good storage. It’s what dreams are made of. We’ve got three tips to get your home ship shape, so you have more time to put your feet up and relax.

Baskets: Not only a textural artwork, baskets around the house do wonders. Allocate roles to baskets, and you can train your family (or flatmates) to slam dunk their goodies instead of leaving it strewn through the house.

Good for: toys, laundry, magazines, firewood, shoes, cushions, books – and so much more

We love: Wired Metal Basket – for industrial good looks; Store It Baskets – to keep on top of bills and mail; Arrow Hamper 50cm – for it’s charming good looks, and for hiding dirty washing; Vivid Basket – 2 handle – for its organic shape and pop of relaxed colour.


Wardrobe: Get on top of your wardrobe, and you’ll be on top of the world. If you’re compromised for space, we love using wardrobe organisers to get everything ship shape. There’s nothing worse than rifling through your floordrobe searching for clothes, so give everything a home and you’ll be happier and more organised. Coat racks are perfect for bulkier or everyday pieces so you can grab them on your way out!

Good for: Reigning supreme in the wardrobe stakes – give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.

We love: Paterson Folding Box – Large – great for storing scarves, ties, lingerie, linen; Paterson Shoe Hanger – keeping shoes tidy and together; Sprout coat rack –  coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas.

Dahlia 3 Seater

Living room: Who doesn’t love the idea of a tidy living area? Alas, most of the time you tidy up – and half an hour later – it’s back to mayhem. Given it’s a shared space – it’s easy for things to get out of control in here. Buy pieces that serve double duty – such as ottomans with storage, coffee tables with drawers,

Good for: Staying on top of family life.

We love: Elsie Rectangle Storage Ottoman – stow the kids toys once they’ve gone to bed; Henderson 2 drawer coffee table – stash the remotes in one drawer, magazines, paper and pencils in the other (for the kids, of course); Santa Cruz Short Basket – perfect for paper, pens, drawing materials – let the kids manage their art materials.

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What I’m Loving: Kylie Burgon, Furniture Buyer

Kylie Burgon certainly knows her way around a sofa. And an armchair. And an ottoman. And a lot of things, actually. She’s our Upholstery Buyer and has introduced a range of finger-on-the-pulse sofas that will stand the test of style time!

Today she’s sharing her top five from the collection.

1.  Versatile and sleek, the Frame chair is certainly one of my favourites for the season. The matte black frame creates a contemporary silhouette and means this chair is totally transitional. The micro chevron fabric is definitely on trend with two shades of grey and the cool colour mist.

2. A fantastic mix of materials – I am really into the Cross Deco Statues – an enduring piece to update my home.

3. Warm yet rustic, I really love the Wharf range. One hundred year old recycled timber from Chinese doors is reinvented as unique pieces of furniture that really tell a story.

4. The Dahlia sofa is definitely my favourite for the season, it’s beautiful, feminine and most importantly comfortable. The solid timber plinth really highlights the sofa and creates a nice contrast bringing warmth with the timber. The linen blend fabric is soft, and makes you want to curl up and spend countless hours on the sofa relaxing.

5. I love the mix of materials – timber and metal, in the Whisk Pendant. The organic shape is going to work well in my kitchen.

Shop the Freedom Autumn/Winter Collection in store and online now. 

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What I’m Loving: Lisa Tilse, We Are Scout

A brilliant creative mind, Lisa Tilse can make magic from something as simple as a sheet of plain paper. For years she’s generously shared her skills and inspiration via her blog the red thread, which has recently relaunched as We Are Scout.

We were lucky to collaborate with Lisa to give her living space a mini winter makeover with our Autumn/Winter collection. The results are nothing less than sublime!

Today we chat with Lisa about what she’s loving from the new range – and why!

  1. Melita Limited Edition Floor Rug: For a touch of boho eclecticism, the rich jewel-tones in this classic rug make it a lush addition to just about any decor. I just had to buy it for my lounge room.
  2. Basique Ottoman LargeThis oversized ottoman has a wonderful pebble shape and it can be used as a seat, occasional table or footstool.
  3. Dahlia 3 Seat Sofa in Austria ShellThis sofa is on my ‘must have’ list. The timber plinth running along the bottom of the sofa is a gorgeous design detail that adds interest and a graphic, clean line.
  4. Mix and match globes: I’m loving the line-up of Freedom’s new mix-and-match light globes. The cut-glass globes are particularly beautiful pieces that would add a touch of glamour to any lamp or light fitting. I’m using one in my Metro lamp.
  5. Entwine Basket 50cmI love the loosely-woven natural fibres in this basket, and it’s a great, functional piece for storage too.

Shop the Freedom AW15 collection now

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What I’m Loving: Sarah Lambkin, Furniture Buyer

Over the last month we’ve been speaking with our buyers to find out what makes their heart beat a-flutter. Today we’re chatting with Sarah Lambkin, one of our furniture buyers. She’s sharing her top five from the Freedom Autumn/Winter collection.

1. I am totally loving the Zedd mini chairs and the Maison Deco houses. These are fun pieces to introduce rose gold into the home, without over committing – they complement the New Nordic pastel palette perfectly.

2. Clean, contemporary and playing on linear design, the Montauk buffet with its fresh waxed lacquer finish is something I need in my home.

3. Industrial-meets-modern design in the Conveyor console. Incorporating steel piping and joints combined with the warmth of distressed mango wood, it offers both form and function – I can’t wait to get this home.

4. Casual and comfortable, the sophisticated detail in the seams of the Folded sofa in Austria Navy really appeals to me.


Shop the Freedom A/W15 collection now

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Melbourne illustrator Evie Barrow collab for Children’s Cancer Institute

We’re launching a new range of tea towels that will make a difference not only in the kitchen but for children with cancer. Collaborating with Melbourne-based illustrator Evie Barrow, the tea towels will be sold to raise money for our charity partner – Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI).

Introducing the ‘Dreamers’ tea towels – a brand new collaboration, dialling up the best of vintage-influenced cartoon characters, Evie has crated two new characters specifically for the new CCI tea towels.

We took some time out with Evie to talk about the collaboration and her work.

Freedom: Tell us about your background.

Evie: I’m a Melbourne based illustrator and graphic designer who loves spending her days drawing and dreaming of characters.

What was your inspiration for the ‘Dreamers’ characters?

I really enjoy researching, so a part of my process for coming up with the illustrations for the ‘Dreamers’ characters was to read the children’s stories on the Children’s Cancer Institute website. The happy moments and strong memories shared were a big influence on what elements I chose to draw.

What’s the process when you’re creating a new character?

My process begins with gathering inspiration which can include: researching the subject, reading stories, observing people, looking through books, flicking through my sketchbook, listening to podcasts or taking a walk. While I’m gathering inspiration I’m jotting down words and making quick sketches that help generate ideas. The stronger ideas are developed into more refined sketches. Once I’m happy with these I’ll work them up into the final artwork. I draw all of my line work by hand, then scan it into the computer where colour is added and any necessary adjustments are made.

How did you begin illustrating?

Like most kids I drew all the time growing up. I’ve never really stopped, although it’s been sidelined on and off over the years while pursuing other things, like a career in graphic design. My notes are always covered in doodles. I just love to draw and I feel really lucky whenever I get to work on an illustration project.

Have you always been creative?

Yes, I can’t imagine life any other way. I believe we’re all creative, some people simply practice more than others.

How do you *know* you’ve cracked it when you’re illustrating?

When I feel I’ve done my best and I’m happy with what I’ve created and the composition is balanced and the colours are working. It’s also a good sign when the client is happy too.

In the kitchen – are you the washer or the dryer?

More often than not I’m the washer in our house and the dishes drip dry. Which is fine because having pretty tea towels on display helps with all the kitchen chores.
The ‘Dreamer’s tea towels illustrated by Evie Barrow are available in store and online now

$14.95 for 3-pack – full sale amount will be donated to Children’s Cancer Institute