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Autumn/Winter Launch – The Bite Club, Woollahra


This was the story of our Autumn/Winter launch. In February. It was hot. Steamy. But it didn’t matter. There was a story to be told, and an audience hungry to hear.

It all played out at The Bite Club in Woollahra. From the street, it looked like very little, but once you stepped inside, it told a very different tale.

With four different stories to talk about this season, we hosted a very different media event, in a rundown old home. It was the perfect backdrop to our new collection. The rich patina of the walls, the gentle squeak of the floorboards, it was the perfect host.

Guests were invited to chat with our buyers, and walk through the house and drink in the new collection. Many went back through many times to take in the many layers.

Our first room hosted Mixed Metallics. Rich in the goodness and lustre of metals, harpist Jayne Hockley quietly played in the background. James Gordon’s intricate paper sculptures added a sense of life and art. And our furniture and homewares gracefully took centre stage in a palette of rust, rich charcoals and metallic accents.

As you swept through the room Elements was our dining room. The Larsson dining table sat elegantly, but the music piped through gave you a sense that all was not what it seemed. Shibori-esque cushions all inky and lush, the much-lauded Copenhagen sofa sat at attention. There was a real sense that you could move in here.

Poet Miles Merrill sat in the back room. He was rolling out customised poems for guests to take home. Sitting at the Millicent table, he took us back to another time and place, gave you the opportunity to slow your day, enjoy a cocktail, and listen to him read from his table.

Let’s just rewind a little. Cocktails? Yes the Trolleyd boys were set up in the garden, mixing, shaking, making the most elegant cocktails that were slurped back by parched visitors.

We had a great time celebrating the launch of our new collection, we hope you enjoy the glimpse behind the scenes.


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