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Flowers: The Easy Way To Freshen Up Your Home

We’re always looking for simple ways to freshen up homes. Plants are failsafe in making your home feel light and bright. They bring a natural beauty into the home. They create texture, a focal point, and have been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate related to stress.
But not everyone has a green thumb.

Flowers are the answer! A simple bunch can lift the spirits and bring a fresh feeling into a room. While we love an incredible arrangement, we’re also big fans of picking up a bunch of dahlias at the local fruit and veg store and enjoying them in all their glory.

Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum collaborated with Freedom recently to share her know-how on which vase to use for which flower. We always fumble when it comes to arranging them ourselves, and put the wrong flowers in the wrong vases and wonder why it’s not visually working. Our video arms you the basics – which flowers work in which vases, so you can enjoy the benefits – visually and health wise, of fresh flowers.

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