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Rug up for winter: Guest Post by Shaynna Blaze

Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director
Walls in Taubmans Endure Two To Tango

I love when the seasons begin to change. Driving through the streets or walking in the park, I can’t help but notice the bursts of colour in the landscape, and it always puts a smile on my face as I discover new inspiring shades. Autumn signifies the end of the warm balmy days, the air turns crisp, the daylight hours become shorter and we start to take our living and entertaining indoors.

Autumn may bring a cool change, but is balanced with the visual warmth on the trees and the ground as they fill with falling leaves of bold russet, reds and golden hues of yellow, orange and brown. This palette is what makes this time of year so visually rich, and using these colours in your home will turn your interior into a welcome relief from the cold outside.

The entry to your home is all about creating a warm welcome, and in autumn you want to feel like you are stepping into a cosy environment. Take the lead from the rich browns of the bare trees and use a colour like Taubmans Endure Chocolate Brown, which will give life to a small area. Contrast with Taubmans Endure Crisp White to create a fresh appearance.

For other rooms such as lounge and living areas, draw inspiration from the falling autumn leaves to create a cosy winter interior palette that will instantly transform the space. Using a bold red, such as Taubmans Endure Red Alert or orange, such as Taubmans Endure Two To Tango, signifies passion while also creating a sense of intimacy in a large room. Mix with timber furnishings, as the earthy tones won’t create a stark contrast against the walls and will inspire a serene mood within the room.

Barnett 1

Yellow can be a tricky colour to work with as bright colours can overwhelm a room. Look for yellows that have a depth to them such as Taubmans Endure Golden Orb, as this toned down hue will create a cosy mood within a space. Alternatively you can use pops of bright yellow such as Taubmans Endure Lemon Zest, in your accessories and furnishings to remind you of the warmth of the sunshine that will return after the winter months.

Brooklyn 3 Seater

Walls in Taubmans Endure Commander

Using a bold colour on your walls can be a daunting thought for many. The key to making this work is to keep all your large pieces of furniture such as couches and rugs, in neutral tones, which will allow you to experiment with colour on your walls, and in your accessories. Neutral tones in fabrics, leathers and timber gives your interior a solid foundation on which to build layers of colour in your room.

Adding colour to your walls in the cooler months brings a new energy to your interiors. When you walk through the front door to your home, away from the cool winds and grey skies you want to feel more elevated and energised. Adding rich autumn colours to your walls is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve this.

For more information, please visit the Taubmans website.

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