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Colour Inspiration:: Spring/Summer 2014

Colour plays a crucial role creating an interior you love. This season we’ve worked with Taubmans to create three new colours that we believe capture our Australian summer – but can work in your home all year ’round.
Star Spangled

Star Spangled: Embrace a darker wall colour for a cool space in your home. We went for bold stripes, nautical but nice – it plays for a dramatic backdrop that really creates a visual impact. If stripes aren’t for you, then a complete wall, or even a whole room in Star Spangled is visually cosy, and ensures your furniture and homewares pop!

Get the look: If you can’t commit to a paint change, but love the look of a classic navy, you can introduce a few key homewares or piece of occasional furniture into your space that that creates a space that’s both calming and tranquil.

How it works: Associated with the colour of the ocean and the sky, Navy evokes feelings of confidence, intelligence and calmness.

Rosedale Pink

Rosedale Pink: The perfect pink for Summer, we worked with Taubmans that best captures our Australian summer. “For real colour confidence, a pink wall packs a punch – and is a fresh alternative to white. It’s softer, more flattering, and works as a great backdrop for artworks,” said Jason Granziera, Visual Planning and Implementation Manager.

Get the look: From pale to punchy if you can’t commit to a wall change, introduce pink into your home with a fresh vessel, make a statement with a neon cactus, a graphic statement through artwork or our pink Reo armchair offers both form and function.

How it works: Pink can be an energising tone, representing compassion, nurturing and love. It can inspire childhood memories, however it’s easy to give it an update by pairing it with black.


Santorini Coast: A quick lick of paint can transform your home into a holiday. This new season colour is invigorating and idyllic. Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer said, “I really love the minty freshness of Santorini Coast. It works beautifully in the bedroom as it’s a colour of relaxation – and it’s more versatile than blue.”

Get the look: Want to inject a fresh new palette without painting a wall? A couple of cushions can be an inexpensive way to trial the colour with some print and texture too. The Chase table lamp offers function as well as a subtle introduction to mint, while a bowl or stand is a fun option too.

How it works: Positive and jewel-like, mint green is the colour of relaxation. Play with it in different hues (from seafoam to a more  in living rooms and bedrooms for its restful qualities – it could be the connection to nature, no matter what this fresh palette conveys tranquility and balance.

Our new video takes you behind the scenes to share the latest colour inspiration. Take a look.

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