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Five of our Favourites: Rugs


A well chosen floor rug has the power to pull a whole room together, to unite a palette, and to define a floor space. Whether you want to disguise your flooring, make your floor a little softer underfoot, or add some colour and texture, a rug covers a multitude of tasks.

“If you can’t commit to painting a room, a rug is a great way to pull in some colour en masse. It’s the perfect finishing touch – a rug really warms up a room. If in doubt, always opt for a larger rug, it feels generous and gives the illusion of space,” said Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer.

Today we’re sharing five of our (current) favourites.

1. Madras Floor Rug – Navy $349: The secret to a round rug is all furniture pieces should be touching it – and they work best under round or curvy pieces (to replicate the circles). We love the minimal styling of the handmade Madras Floor rug. Simple, relaxed, stylish.

2. Blades Floor Rug 160 x 230cm – $249: When you’re thinking about an outdoor area, don’t just stop at the furniture. Introducing our faux grass rug that feels so good underfoot, you’ll think you’re a kid again.

3. Burton Floor Rug 160 x 230cm – $599: Geometrics are firm fashion players when it comes to interiors, and the mix of the perfect grey with the blast of yellow? It’s pretty well the colour match of the century.

4. Moncur Floor Rug 160 x 230cm – $599: The earthy tones of this rug are grounding, while the chevron palette adds a contemporary twist to make for almost endless colour play options in your living space.

5. Kingston Floor Rug 160 x 230cm $- 449: The perfect neutral, Kingston is a classic way to finish a room. Featuring a traditional diamond weave, it feels fabulous underfoot.

Which rug is your favourite? 

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  1. Im not normally one to comment, but I had to mention ho much Im loving your range of rugs and homewares. Great products that I will be specifying for a lot of projects!

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