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Neon Dreams: 4 Tips To Nail Neon

We’ve been seeing it. You’ve been seeing it. We’ve all been seeing it. Neon. It’s back in a big way.

It’s still hot. Why? Because it has a simple knack of making an interior instantly modern. Plus it adds some quirk and a bright colour, an instant hit of joy, of visual delight. It’s playful, and maybe it even harks back to our childhood – those lollies in zingy shades that we could buy by the bag full. Or the fresh promise of a new highlighter.

We love the look, but sometimes introducing something so KAPOW into your home can be a little tricky. It shouldn’t be. Today we’re talking neon tips.

1. BE BOLD! We’ve found a few colour references (up top) and love the look of a neon painted wall. It can lift a tired kitchen, or bathroom, and give it a hot colour kick. We also love the raw brickwork highlighted, given new life with a lick of fluoro pink. It’s details. And we love details.

2. SMALL CHANGES! Maybe you’re not into making bold statements with painted walls. Go for small details. Little highlights. Accent pieces that work back with your existing collection to spice things up. Choose a couple of neon pieces to introduce to your room – intentional changes. Choose pieces that suit your style (we’ve done a wee round up below) and talk to your style personality. We love the quirk!

neon dreams 2


1. Zedd Cactus $49.95; 2. Zeta Throw in Yellow $89; 3. Zedd Decorative Chair in Sunshine Yellow $9.95

3. Restraint! The only thing that can go wrong with neon – is too much of it. It’s either a wall painted in your favourite neon hue, or accessories. You don’t want your home to start to look like the Museum of Neon. Do it right – and it will feel energizing!

4. Work it back! We really love neons worked back with natural wood, it looks fresh with white, and dramatic when paired with black. But natural wood is our heartland. It looks modern, a little Scandi, and a lot stylish.

Want tips on an emerging interior trend? Let us know in our comments and we’ll come back to you!


image credits – top image (l to r): 1. Creative Mind; 2. Design Sponge; 3. Unknown

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