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Kicking Back with Team Trolley’d – Chris & Byron Talk Entertaining


Working with like-minded people makes magic happen! We’ve teamed up with the team at Trolley’d a number of times because:

a) the Trolley’d cocktails are always incredible, innovative and drool-worthy – what’s not to love?;

b) Chris and Byron always super fun, bring loads of energy, and who doesn’t love a man in uniform?!

Trolley'd cocktails

Most recently we collaborated for a fresh Summer cocktail video. Watch as Chris gets on the tools to create three fresh cocktails that are enough to make you salivate and dream of easy days entertaining with friends.

We recently took five minutes with Chris and Byron to find out what makes them tick.

Entertain at home? Or love to go out?

Definitely entertain at home.

What’s your tip for serving a memorable cocktail to guests?

Make it look good and be icy cold.

What’s your favourite Summer drink?

Lemon Myrtle Lemonade with lashings of gin. So good when it hits your lips.

How would you describe your style in five words?

First class refreshment with laughter.

Favourite Summer song?

‘Come Fly with Me’.

Where will we find you this Summer?

Crash landing at parties all over town.

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