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Talking Christmas with Checks and Spots

When Clare from Checks and Spots recently shared her take on an Australian Christmas, we fell in love with her fresh styling – teaming up with her mum, down on the farm. Magic.

We were excited to talk more with Clare about what makes her festive season special.

Are you an organised gift giver? Or someone who does a last minute shop?
Every year I promise myself it will be different, but every Christmas Eve I’m still rushing around the shops trying to tick everyone off my list!

Can you tell us what the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received was?
Last year, my husband thoroughly spoilt me with a set of stacked rings from Code Love that I now wear every day. At first glance they just look like beautiful jewellery, but they are actually inspired by Morse code and secretly spell out the first letter of our kids names.

Have you got a Christmas song you can’t help but sing along to?
As the world’s worst singer I officially retired from belting out any tune, any time of the year, in 1992!

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?
The eating! And being with my family. It’s also my father’s birthday on Christmas day so there’s double the reason to eat more and be together.

How do you decorate your home?
For me, it’s all about the tree! I love the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree and decorating it with the kids. Every decoration means something to us or has a story behind it – some used to be my grandparents, some are from when my mum was a child while others the kids have made or chosen.

Have you got a favourite Christmas cocktail?
I make a Pink Grapefruit and Apple Punch that’s always a crowd pleaser!

1.25 Litres Lemonade
1.5 Litres Pink Grapefruit Juice
1 Cup Campari
1 Cup White Rum

Pour everything into a bunch bowl, mix and top with crushed ice and thinly sliced apple.

Do you wake early or late on Christmas morning?
With two rug rats in our house, there’s no chance of a sleep in on Christmas morning!

And can you list 5 Freedom products that are on your wishlist?

1. Limited Edition Owen Armchair

2. Creel Pendant in White

3. Jett Jug in Jade

4. Hula Cushion

5. Spoke Side Table – Medium in Aquatic 


Want more Christmas inspiration? Take a look at Clare’s Australian Christmas here.

Follow Checks and Spots on Instagram here.


Main image photography by Fi Storey

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