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Creating small spaces outdoors

outdoor dreaming

There’s nothing more beautiful than the diversity of the Australian landscape. Well maybe there is, but right now we’re thinking about how the terrain can switch from coastal to countryside in just a few hundred kilometres. About how the red dust can disappear into your rear vision mirror as you approach the clear blue of the ocean.

Australians love spending time outdoors. Summer is about being outdoors. Cricket bat. Mosquito spray. A wide brimmed hat. You can almost smell that barbecue.

But some of us aren’t blessed with an expansive garden, or a paddock to roam around. Some of us are inner city dwellers who boast a modest balcony, a compact courtyard, and sometimes we just have our front door to celebrate the great outdoors.

In simple ways you can still celebrate the great outdoors.

Our Brunch 3 piece setting is a classic choice for small spaces, ideal for a breakfast nook, or to steal some time before work with a bowl of bircher and a quick espresso.

Hive Function-507The Hive 3 piece set¬†(above) is THE set if you’re looking for space saving options. The table packs flat, the chairs stack, and the laser-cut design gives the illusion of space – and if you do have the good fortune of a large space, the tables can be butted together to house more people for a party!

Planters-2-552Some spaces just need some greening up to make them more habitable. Choose an eclectic mix of planters to show off your personality, and even our favourite flamingo friend for a pop of retro inspired colour.

green up freedom

Introducing more nature into your life can help lower blood pressure and provide an oasis from a busy life, no matter where you live. We love a vertical garden – particularly great in spaces that are low on floor space, a birdfeeder to invite feathered friends to your space, our Blades outdoor floor rug, for the appearance of a lush green lawn – without the maintenance, and a cool range of outdoor accessories to put your own style stamp and create a flow from indoors to outdoors.

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