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New Year. Declutter. Reorganise. And repeat.

Freedom blog decluttering

With the new year comes a burning desire to reorganise your home. Well. For some people it does. There’s something kind of therapeutic to cleanse your living space of clutter, to purge it of all the excess and have a sort of clean slate for the year ahead. This week we’re talking about getting your home organised for the year ahead.

You can declutter all you like, but if you don’t have storage – then Project Reorganise could all fall to pieces, and all your mad, ruthless decluttering can feel like it was all in vain.

It really depends where you want to start in the home, but we suggest a room that feels like an easy conquest. This means you can feel like you’ve really achieved something – it will not only feel good, it will motivate you to continue your home domination quest!

We’ve got some tips to get you feeling a bit more organised and in control of the creeping clutter that might feel like it’s taking over your home.

1. Make your bed: Help your bedroom look and feel tidier in one small action. Make your bed once you’re up for the day, we promise – it makes a difference.

2. Make a list. Check it twice. Or even thrice. But whatever you do – make a list. Write down three tasks that you want to get done that day.

3. Post a sheet of clean paper on your fridge. If you find in your clean up that you need anything (particularly items that will help you conquer the mess) add them to the list.

4. Create four piles. Depends on where everything is going to go, but usually we go for:

– The charity pile: anything that’s in good condition, clean, and you believe someone would be able to use, but that you just don’t – pass it on. If you haven’t used something for six months, it’s probably a fair call to say – you’re not going to.

– The recycle pile: this is paper, glass, plastic – anything that’s floating around the house that can be recycled – this is the hot spot

– The pass it on pile: if you’ve got kids, chances are you have bits and pieces (read clothes, books, toys, DVDs) that can be passed on to friends.

– The garbage pile: If it doesn’t meet any of the above criteria, it goes in the bin. Simple.

5. Finding places: Like Benjamin Franklin said, everything needs a home within your home. Find all your cords around your house, and keep them altogether. Place a small basket in the epicentre of your home – this is where all notes, bills, important letters are placed – ready for sorting. If you love magazines, invest in some baskets to house your collection. And you can even implement the rule – once the basket is full, it’s time to purge some of your magazines.

6. Display the beautiful. Conceal the not-so-beautiful: You’re not living in a magazine. Or a museum. We love furniture that serves double-duty – hide away the things you don’t want to showcase, and display your treasured pieces. And the hidden away things are not your cue to hold on to clutter. We love sharing our memories, and the other stuff? It’s stored away neatly.

7. Get a timer: Working in 15 minute time slots will help you to feel less overwhelmed – and help you break up the day, while seeing results.

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