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Summer Happy Homes: Small Changes

Making changes that create an impact don’t need to be big ticket items. In fact, sometimes details create a feeling of freshness that can invigorate a space.

Adding texture, a sense of playfulness and a dash of colour can make for a more interesting interior. Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly matched to work – although working within a harmonious palette will always be the winning ticket to create an aesthetically pleasing space to inhabit.

By reducing clutter you’ll never fail to cleanse your space both visually and spatially, there are some simple ideas to make it easier to edit and keep your home looking and feeling good.

1. Treasures: Who doesn’t love keeping some collectible pieces around the home to display? But there comes a time when you need to edit your displays. We love the idea of putting away pieces to create a kind of cycle – store the extras away so that when it’s time to update again it’s like Christmas unwrapping all the pieces.

2. Bills. Paper. Notes: No one likes bills. And no one likes them floating around the house like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Create a home for all the paper in your life – it will feel liberating – and then you can schedule a time to go through this file at least once a month to keep it in check.

Cast Off Pendant

3. Keep Cord Families: Cords, electronics, they can all look messy and be a home for dust and household detritus. Think about investing in a cable organizer to help make it look visually less offensive.

4. Freshen Up: Fresh bed linen, fresh towels – they all make a difference. Ditch the tatty towels, think about new sheets – new textiles add a crispness, plus they feel really good too.

5. Shuffle things around: Move furniture around. If you don’t like it, you can always switch it back – but moving things makes a space feel different – and a change is as good as a holiday, right?

6. Small changes: A new doormat, a pop of colour in the garden, or a statement cushion – any (or all) of these things are perfect to freshen up your space. A new doormat? What better way to be welcomed into your home with a new doormat that says you care. A bird feeder will attract the wild life (as well as some of Mother Nature’s song!) and a cushion? Freshen up a tired sofa with a bold cushion.

7. Paint it up: Last but not least – painting a room can create a dramatic effect – for a little effort you’ll reap a whole lot of return. Taubmans offers great tips on choosing colours.

(from top image: 1. Reef Doormat; 2. Paradiso Cushion; 3. House Bird Feeder)

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