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Cheesey Romance

V Day


Roses are red

Violets are blue –

We’ve got a special message for you.

This V-day defy cheesey –

Make giving easy

Fight with tradition

For your Valentine’s Day transmission.

“Timber and marble is like the perfect match. The new Duo cheeseboard is a bit of everyday luxury for serving, and when it’s not in use? It’s almost sculptural!” said Abbey Hart, Homewares Buyer – Freedom.

Perfect for romantic nights in, a cheeseboard for all those stinky cheeses you dream of; ideal for entertaining, share the gooiest cheese with your friends and family; and then when you’re done – keep it out for people to marvel at the marble.

Duo Cheeseboard 42cm – Natural $39.95 

Available in store now


Cheeseboard image via 84th & 3rd

Cookies made by Karyn at Sweet ‘n’ Pretty

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