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25 Questions with Vanessa Colyer Tay

If you don’t know who Vanessa Colyer Tay is – please, allow us to introduce you. She’s only one of the most talented, brilliant and bright stylists and creative minds we’ve ever come across. She has the ability to apply a deft hand to shoots, and create magic with no-strings-attached.

Plus she’s 100% humble too.

Spending time with VCT is one of our favourite things ever. She’s generous of mind, and creates beautiful, spell-binding images – as demonstrated by our new images she styled for Autumn/Winter. Some years ago she created an incredible shoot as Style Editor at Inside Out, and it’s been etched in our memories ever since, it was that good.

We asked Vanessa 25 questions. Let’s do this!

Finish this sentence: When I think of Winter I think of…  Mountains, chunky knits and snuggling my babies.

Favourite colour? Pale dusty tones, grey, mustard and coral.

Velvet or linen? Linen in the day and velvet at night.

Watching? My children

Fire or heater? Fire

TV or book? Films

What’s your all-time favourite book that everyone should read? It’s not a book but everyone should ask their partner or a loved one to write down the ten things they find most inspiring and why,  and you should read them often – your heart will open, mind will wander and love will grow.

Cat or dog? Cat

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Best Winter memory? Being little and curling up in knits on my grandmas sofa, watching Anne Of Green Gables on repeat.

Favourite part of Winter? Layering up the bedroom with new textures and rediscovering blankets that have been in hiding.

Sleep in or early riser? Sleep-in but I’ve always admired early risers.

I left my heart – at the top of every mountain I’ve ever climbed, every forest I’ve ever paused in and every ocean view I’ve ever admired – nature’s mystery and wild beauty hooks me every time.

Influences? Scandinavian, European and Japanese design, various film sets, nature and the creative talents of people I discover every day either in person or from afar.

Favourite quote?  “Have three hobbies. One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.” said someone on Instagram, and I love it!

Worst part of being a stylist? Packing, packing and packing.

Do you love cake? Yes

My favourite Winter fragrance is… Crisp fresh misty air.

Do you love shooting in studio or on location? The studio for creative concepts and on location for a sense of reality and comfortable living, unless the location in question is new to me and creatively unique – then it’s on location always.

Bloq Modular

Nordic Pastel Vignette

Favourite story from this season’s collection? I gravitate towards New Nordic but absolutely love how The Bowery shots turned out.

Must-have piece from the range? The Duo cheeseboard, it’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone else and can fit nicely in to both modern and classic homes. AND the miniature chairs, the shape and line of a beautiful chair is so artistic and the miniatures would sit amongst a display of objects beautifully.


Highlight of the shoot? Creating beautiful imagery with a new (to me) team of creative professionals who are sharp, witty and know great style, seeing hot off the press product and hearing stories of where they were sourced from and the talents behind who made them. That, and the harbour view at our New Nordic location – oh my!

The Freedom Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection launches tomorrow. 

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