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What I’m Loving: Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer

Korryn Bentley, resident textiles aficionado, tea lover, avid stripe wearer, and also our very own Senior Homewares Buyer is chatting with us today about Winter. Plus she’s shared her favourite picks from the new Autumn/Winter collection.

Freedom: What’s your must have for this season? 

Korryn: My must have this season is the Dahlia sofa, the mid-century inspired shape is contemporized with a timber plinth. Incredibly comfortable, the fabric upholstery is a linen polyester combination and features feather cushion seating mean it’s durable and comfortable. What a coup! It’s definitely my must- have for the season.

F: How will you incorporate The Bowery into your home?

K: My home is a bit of a mix of looks and trends, past and present. For Winter  I’ll be playing with the concept of The Bowery by mix and matching black and white photography. Incorporating family pics and large scale black and white graphics, I can’t wait to build a story of black and white on my living room wall.

F: What are your tips to get The Bowery look at home?

K: To achieve this industrial-inspired look, pull out any bright and bold colours you have in your room’s palette. You want to start with a neutral base of greys and naturals, then build with metals, blacks, muted blues and the odd pop of red.

I say embrace black and white wall art – simple prints and black and white photography create drama. To enhance the look even further, always opt for black frames.

For The Bowery lighting is absolutely crucial and makes a real impact. Choose industrial inspired pieces – matte black is a must.

F: The best part of Winter for you? 

A: The best part of winter for me is getting to indulge in an afternoon on the sofa under a throw watching an old school movie. When’s the temperature dropping??

1. Our new supersized version of the ever famous Metro Lamp has my heart! We have had the table lamp version in copper colour on range for a few seasons now, this season we’ve launched the maxi floor size! It is going to be a hard choice between colours (the copper colour or the matte black – how to choose?!) but I think the black with its marble base is going to win out.

2.  We have introduced a new range of woven shades for Winter. Moving into the cooler months my interior palette is going to be shifting to shades of grey and I especially love our range of Russell shades. I’m going to add one of these to my living room.

3. One of my all-time-favourites is the Honeycomb floor rug. The neutral palette with hints of mint green and mustard yellow creates a real statement piece. Plus the size is perfect to frame my living room.

4. I love the Conveyor console, it’s going to work nicely as a little study space, or once I pack away my laptop I can transform it into a console for all my found pieces. I love a piece of furniture that serves double duty!

The Freedom Autumn/Winter collection is now in store and online.

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