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Real Living for Freedom: Media Launch

This week we celebrated the launch of our new Real Living for Freedom collaboration, inviting a group of friends to celebrate with us at the Royal Botanic Garden’s The Palm House.

Built in 1876, The Palm House set the perfect scene for a whimsical and intimate lunch.

The capsule collection gives a nostalgic nod to print and pattern; mixing classic checks in contemporary palettes, vintage-looking florals in new tones, lamps in retro-cool colours – made modern with metallic hardware details, curiosities for your home and wire wear storage that’s industrial as it is edgy. The first collection is about mix and match to charming effect.


Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum created pure magic with lavish floral displays interwoven with our product.


Place settings were noted by hand-embroidered napkins that guests took home as a small memento from the day.

RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-47 The new collection sat pretty – showing how you can combine the old with the new to create a totally on-trend interior.RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-74


Guests were treated to a range of cocktails created by the Trolley’d crew.

RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-118 RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-86 RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-54 RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-149 RealLivingForFreedom_31.3.15-134

Deborah Bibby, editor-in-chief, Real Living said “We welcome you to the 2015 Real Living for Freedom winter range, where the word “home” resonates with memories and emotions of a time gone by – a vintage vibe with a quirky element of playfulness.”

The Real Living for Freedom collection is in store and online from April 6th. 

Prices start at $39.95

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