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Chatting Colour for winter with Christine Encina

There’s always lots happening at Freedom HQ – so we love to take five minutes with people from around the company to find out what they’ve been working on.

Today we chat with Christine Encinca, Visual Planning and Implementations Specialist (aka Genius Creative who makes our stores look amazing) about the colours and inspiration behind the A/W Collection.

Freedom: This season there are three key looks for the Freedom A/W15 Collection. Can you explain the role the Taubmans colours play in the images? 

Christine: We were really inspired by urban loft living, Taubmans Black Forest creates a moody dramatic look to our Bowery story for Winter. It’s industrial, it makes a statement – and it’s great for the bedroom, or even to create impact in a living space.

Native Terrain celebrates the imperfect beauty of nature. Taubmans Olive Fizz or Empress Teal ties the look together, it’s a reflection of colours that naturally occur in the Australian landscape – by introducing these colours into your interiors, you’re inviting nature in. It’s a great way to add a freshness to your aesthetic.

And for a different approach to Winter – try Taubmans Castaway Isle and Hedonist – it ties in with our New Nordic look, creating a softly, sweetly fresh perspective to winter – that’s not saccharine.

Portobello Bed

What kind of room would Black Forest work in? Being such a dark colour, it’s best kept to a large room such as a living or dining space but it can also work well in a small space if kept to minimum. You could create a really cosy space by using Black Forest in a smaller area.

Poppy 3 SeaterIf I wanted to introduce pastels into my home – how could I do this without the room looking like a nursery? Be confident! Team pastels with oak timber to create warmth, marble or a statement geometric print. This season we also added rose gold to the mix. The warm tones give depth and bring a contemporary edge to any room. It makes pastels for grown ups, and it really can be a timeless look.

Andersen Sofa

The ombre wall using Empress Teal creates a beautiful graphic impact. Could this be recreated in a home? You can if you dare. Allow the wall to be the star and avoid wall art and clutter surrounding it. If you’re going to do it – do it with conviction!

What kind of space would Empress Teal work in? It’s a very strong colour and best to suited to a hallway or entry. That high-impact colour will make a strong impression when guests enter.

Are feature walls still going strong? Or have they had their day? Feature walls are a quick and easy way to liven up a room. It creates a focal point and a low cost way of adding drama to any room with either paint or wallpaper.

Now tell us – if you were going to paint your bedroom – what colour would you choose and why?  A bedroom has to be calm to me. It should be a place where you feel at peace and relaxed – a real sanctuary. I would paint with a neutral colour such as Taubmans Sparkling Wine or a soft grey such as Taubmans Winter Mist.  I’d then add my pops of colour with wall art or mixing up my bedlinen, it’s a less risky way to add colour, and you can swap them out easily when you’re tired of them.

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