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Melbourne illustrator Evie Barrow collab for Children’s Cancer Institute

We’re launching a new range of tea towels that will make a difference not only in the kitchen but for children with cancer. Collaborating with Melbourne-based illustrator Evie Barrow, the tea towels will be sold to raise money for our charity partner – Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI).

Introducing the ‘Dreamers’ tea towels – a brand new collaboration, dialling up the best of vintage-influenced cartoon characters, Evie has crated two new characters specifically for the new CCI tea towels.

We took some time out with Evie to talk about the collaboration and her work.

Freedom: Tell us about your background.

Evie: I’m a Melbourne based illustrator and graphic designer who loves spending her days drawing and dreaming of characters.

What was your inspiration for the ‘Dreamers’ characters?

I really enjoy researching, so a part of my process for coming up with the illustrations for the ‘Dreamers’ characters was to read the children’s stories on the Children’s Cancer Institute website. The happy moments and strong memories shared were a big influence on what elements I chose to draw.

What’s the process when you’re creating a new character?

My process begins with gathering inspiration which can include: researching the subject, reading stories, observing people, looking through books, flicking through my sketchbook, listening to podcasts or taking a walk. While I’m gathering inspiration I’m jotting down words and making quick sketches that help generate ideas. The stronger ideas are developed into more refined sketches. Once I’m happy with these I’ll work them up into the final artwork. I draw all of my line work by hand, then scan it into the computer where colour is added and any necessary adjustments are made.

How did you begin illustrating?

Like most kids I drew all the time growing up. I’ve never really stopped, although it’s been sidelined on and off over the years while pursuing other things, like a career in graphic design. My notes are always covered in doodles. I just love to draw and I feel really lucky whenever I get to work on an illustration project.

Have you always been creative?

Yes, I can’t imagine life any other way. I believe we’re all creative, some people simply practice more than others.

How do you *know* you’ve cracked it when you’re illustrating?

When I feel I’ve done my best and I’m happy with what I’ve created and the composition is balanced and the colours are working. It’s also a good sign when the client is happy too.

In the kitchen – are you the washer or the dryer?

More often than not I’m the washer in our house and the dishes drip dry. Which is fine because having pretty tea towels on display helps with all the kitchen chores.
The ‘Dreamer’s tea towels illustrated by Evie Barrow are available in store and online now

$14.95 for 3-pack – full sale amount will be donated to Children’s Cancer Institute 

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