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5 tips to cosy up your home for winter

Baby, it’s cold outside – like ridiculously, snap your fingers – let’s call this winter – properly cold.

Today we’re sharing five quick tips to cosy up your home – hang the electricity bills, and curl up warm and content in the knowledge that you’re warm and content.


1. Add a rug: Nothing beats warmth underfoot. By covering your floors in warm textiles, you instantly add warmth. It’s an inexpensive way to add a layer to the floor, create a statement and make your home a little more cosy.

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, we love the look of layered rugs. What is it? Overlapping rugs on the floor to create more of a carpeted effect, with clashing (or matching) rugs to create not only something beautiful underfoot, but a real visual delight. It can be hard to nail, but if you play around with patterns, textures and sizes, it can really work!

We’d recommend overlapping a neutral rug with something more punchy. Say our ever-popular Madras rug, or the lush feel of the Nova rug, with the bold Coombes rug (the neutral palette of Nova, ties into the accent on Coombes) – or tie in with the traditional look of the Kaleidescope rug, which gives you ample colours to play with.


2. Throw on a throw: Winter is… curling up on the sofa with a throw and watching movies. Or binge watching your favourite TV series. Warmth can sometimes be a perception, so adding in layers and textures can really do wonders to creating a cosier space. Throws should be high on your priority list when it comes to creating a comfortable, live-able space.

Choose something you love, that works back with the existing pieces in your home. We love the Grobi Bear throw (it’s faux, faux sure) for snuggle factor, and also for that lush, almost playful texture. The Cosy Up throw from our real living for Freedom collection conjures up your grandmother’s home, warm nostalgia at its best. If you like a more masculine meets industrial aesthetic and need to warm things up, the Forma throw in black and white is cool and classic, while being totally functional.

And when it comes to colour, warmth, texture and rating high on the snuggle factor? Go for the Chunky Knit throw. It’s like it’s just been taken from grandma’s oversized knitting needles in a thoroughly modern emerald that brings a freshness to your space that only green can.


3. Turn the lights on: While fires naturally warm up a home, even lighting a candle can bring warmth to a space, but playing around with pendant, table and floor lights can create drama.

Add a floor lamp to a corner that makes a statement, and bounces light around the space. We love the new Metro floor lamp – its sleek styling and exposed bulb means it creates impact, while throwing off a beautiful warm light reflected in the copper colour of the stand.

The Accordion Table Lamp is old-school charm at its best, and ideal for beside a reading chair or bedside. We love the look of the Cordon Table Lamp from our new real living for Freedom collection. The warm blonde base coupled with the red cord makes it a modern classic, while the directional light is great for reading or just for an extra warm glow in your home.

Pendant lighting can create warmth, ambience and drama – it’s working triple duty while creating instant impact. We love the look in kitchens, hung low over dining tables, and sometimes even bedsides.

For a striking, open grid design, the Crate Pendant (42cm) is perfect for everyday luxe.  The limited edition Gilt Pendant (46cm) merges nature with the opulence of metallics, casting a soft glow.

And for the ultimate in customising, take a look at our Mix & Match lighting. So many pendants to choose from to really create your own look.


4. Layer up: Nothing beats climbing into a cosy bed at night. Update your bed for those cold winter nights by layering. Make your own rules, because nothing beats cosy, and there’s no limit to layers! We love a throw on the end of the bed for extra warmth, but as Korryn Bentley, Senior Homewares Buyer says: ‘I make my own rules when it comes to my bed. I love a plump, decadent bed, so I put not one but two quilts into the quilt cover. It’s like sleeping under a marshmallow.”


5. Treat your windows: Windows can make or break a room – they frame the space, and the view. Think hard before you invest because you want to get it right! Take a look at how to guide for tips and tricks on how to navigate the tricky window dressing rules.

The right window coverings can keep heat in the space, create privacy with block out, and filter that warm winter light.

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