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How to inject colour into your home for winter

Winter can be a really dreary time of year. But at home – it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve got 5 quick tips to inject some colour into your home this winter:

1. Cushions! We keep talking about them, we know, but they are a budget-friendly way to switch up your style and your palette. Choose a key colour, and play on that throughout the room – it will keep the eye moving, and create visual harmony.

Wall Art

2. Wall Art: Draws your eye up and has the potential on a large scale to pack a punch. This winter we’ve intentionally worked with a brighter palette to riff off our natural light, and make the most of those daylight hours.

3. Introduce nature: Plants are a great way of incorporating nature, as well as some colour to your space. Choose a beautiful vase or vessel, pick up a bunch of flowers – et voila. Mother Nature can’t be rivalled for her artistic merits!

Impressions Dinnerware4. Kitchen Confidential: We love adding small pops of colour in unexpected places. The dining table is one place that it’s super simple to colour up – switch up your classic white plates with something fresh. It will make dinner time more fun, and create a new look and feel for your entertaining.

5. Don’t forget the smallest room: The bathroom is meant to be a haven to wash away the day and revitalise yourself. But sometimes it’s neglected. Fresh towels are the perfect way to pump up the volume, a shower caddy is a fun storage solution, a shower curtain can add some personality. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can really refresh your space.

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