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Long Weekend: 3 days to make-over your home

Do you think three days isn’t long enough to make an impact at home? We’re here to prove you wrong.

Three days is the perfect amount of time to give your space an overhaul, and then kick back and relax and bask in the glory of your hard work. How? Block out your diary, get yourself organised – we’ve got the low down to make sure you can make a simple overhaul happen!

Day One – Declutter: It’s all about decluttering and stripping your space bare. You might have to live with things getting messy before they get neater – but that’s ok. Embrace it.

Jason Grant, author and interior stylist offered his tip for conquering day one, “It’s all about the edit, think about what you have in your space. Things in your home should be practical as well as beautiful, hopefully both.”

Bring in five boxes and mark them:

  • Toss: this is anything you can pass on to family or friends that’s in good nick and that will go on to live a long and happy life – but not in your home
  • Keep: this is for anything you really want to hold onto
  • Charity: anything that’s in really good condition, that someone else might like, but that doesn’t naturally have someone you can gift it to (i.e. toss)
  • Garbage: this is stuff no one is going to want. It’s damaged, missing parts, or so old your Aunt Mabel doesn’t even know where it came from
  • Recycle: play nice with the environment – whatever you don’t want and can be recycled, recycle it!

Now, get stuck in! Pump up some motivating tunes (think Eye of the Tiger, who doesn’t love some Rocky Balboa), get into some comfy clothes – you are going to get this done even if it hurts (trust us, this won’t hurt a bit).

Jason continued, “It’s important for everything to have a home, a space that you know where to find it. I think its important to avoid clutter in the home. You can never have too much storage, a space free of clutter helps to prevent a cluttered mind, and helps to create a calm and restful home. I’m a fan of the “new minimalist look” its warm, comfortable and cosy but is edited and considered not crowded with lots of things, but filled with things that make you smile.”

So once you’re done sorting, move all the stuff that’s not staying – out of your house. This will give you some visual space and clarity – you can come back to this pile later.

Now is the time to give your space a good clean. Get a straw broom and rid the corners and crevices of cobwebs, give the walls a wipe down, vacuum (under a sofa and a bed it can get a little bit questionable! Don’t be shy!) and then mop (not if you’ve got carpet though). We love using sugar soap to focus on any areas on walls/doors that are high traffic – you will notice a big difference! Give the windows a clean, take the curtains/blinds down if you can. Now you have a blank canvas. And if you don’t? Keep going.

Manhattan 3 Seater clock option

Day Two – Paint it up: Painting a wall, or an entire room can be transformative. A fresh lick of paint can mean a fresh lease on life, so don’t be afraid to tackle this task!

We talked to Interior Design Expert and ambassador for Taubmans, Shaynna Blaze for her top tips for painting and transforming your space this long weekend:

  • Plan your attack: Look at the project as a whole rather than just one change. If you’re just painting a wall, have a look at the furniture and accessories that you’ll be keeping in the space to guide your colour choice. If you’re overhauling the entire room, pick one key piece to start as your inspiration for the transformation., like a piece of art or large piece of furniture. From there you can choose other items that complete the look – including the right Taubmans paint colour for your walls.
  • Choose wisely: Your main goal when painting a room is to create a look that is not only cohesive, but also one that makes you happy! Colour is deeply personal, so consider what your first reaction is to different colours, for example, calming, energetic, passionate. Then consider what emotion you want to create in the specific room you are painting to help you narrow your choices.
  • Preparation is key: Make sure you clean your surface, remove any flaking paint and treat mouldy surfaces with bleach and water to ensure your paint sticks properly. Without a good prep job, your paint job will suffer. Don’t forget to make sure you have the correct amount of paint! Calculate the amount of paint you need using the Paint Calculator tool

Jason Grantimage courtesy of Jason Grant from ‘Holiday at Home‘ photograph by Lauren Bamford 

Day Three – Redecorate and celebrate: So by now you’ve decluttered, you’ve culled what you don’t want, and your space looks and feels (almost) brand new again. What next?

“Start small – you don’t have to redecorate your whole house or the whole room. Why not start with an easy go-to area like a shelf, coffee table or sideboard and create your very own vignette; think about shapes, height and odd numbers add and subtract until it feels right. Once you master this then you’re ready for a bigger project,” added Jason.

Day three should be the fun part. The hard work isn’t over but don’t worry, trust us – the finishing touches make all the difference and your space will feel even more special. You won’t regret it!

For more decorating inspiration and ideas take a look at Jason Grant’s ‘Holiday at Home‘ and ‘A Place Called Home‘ – available at all good book stores. 

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