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5 Ideas to Refresh Your Dining Room

It’s not just a special occasion that calls for a dining table refresh. Creating a space you like spending time in means mealtimes are that much more special, conversations flow, and you can create warm memories – all around your dining table.

You might be thinking: dining room = table, chairs, a bit of lighting, a buffet – what more could there be to it? And we have to say – there’s a lot more you can add to make this space a living place to host nightly meals, and more extravagant dinner parties.

Canterbury Dining

1. Zones: A rug defines the zone of the dining table, visually it should echo the shape of the dining table. Round dining table, round rug. Rectangular dining table, rectangular rug. And we can’t stress enough – buy a larger size – small rugs look mean, if you can afford to buy a larger rug, it’s a great investment.

Zones are particularly important in open plan spaces – you can create separate intimate spaces with rugs, while still maintaining the open space. You can create smaller spaces within a larger space with the humble rug.

A rug can also lay down a style or personality to differentiate the space from the rest of the house, you can really play with colours, prints, weaves to clearly define a look for your dining space.

Wharf Dining

2. Incorporate the unexpected: So we covered that a dining room traditionally houses a table, chairs, a buffet, but these days gone are the formal dining rooms – a modern home is all about every room being a living space that’s used daily. We love the look of a bookcase, or shelving in a dining room to house treasures, favourite reads and special pieces. Not only for the visual boost, but also because the dining table can also play host to so much more than just meals. It can be the home office, the homework station, the hub of bill-paying, holiday-planning – and so much more.

Make the room beautiful and functional – and you’ll get so much more out of that space.

3. Refresh your dinnerware: This is a great opportunity to introduce a bit of fashion to the dining room without breaking the bank. You can afford to play around with dinnerware for a really quick update that reflects your personality and style. Go graphic, classic, or ethnic-inspired and really play around with colour, scale and print. It can make a good meal look great, quality dinnerware always helps to improve a meal no matter your skill level in the kitchen!

muralimage via Interiorator

4. Make a grand statement: This is the perfect opportunity to create a focal point, to fuel conversation,a feast for the eyes, and to set the tone. How? Lighting is always fun to play with – a low-slung pendant can create drama, as well as set the mood and create ambience.

But what about walls? A fresh lick of paint freshens up a room, can help guests get in the mood for a relaxed dinner (red is great to whet the appetite)  – but if you’re feeling particularly brave – a wall mural can say so much (as seen above).

And for really thinking outside the box – painting your ceiling a different colour can create height and draw the eye up, while helping update a tired space.

5. Get Mixed Up: Nothing throws tradition on its head more than mixing up dining chairs. Play with modern and traditional, colour, timber, upholstered, shaker-style – mix them up and play musical chairs at every meal time. It says relaxed, good times ahead.

What’s your dining room style?

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