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A quick interview with real living’s Deb Bibby

If you haven’t already taken a peek at our real living for Freedom collection – go now! It’s the perfect mesh of whimsy, a nod to nostalgia,  it breaks every rule – and we love it. Today we’re chatting with chief collaborator and editor-in-chief at real living, Deborah Bibby to gain some insight into her style and inspiration.

Inspiration for the new real living for Freedom collection? A weekend stay at a property called Currawong on the Pittwater, a long time ago. They had beautiful paisley eiderdowns on each bed, I tried to track them down years later and it proved impossible. Freedom got inspired and made a quilt in a similar style and colour palette except they added some cool tassels.

Favourite piece? The above mentioned quilt  and also love the simple army style blankets – a classic.

I get inspired by… Katty Schiebeck interiors and Roman and Williams interiors both very different both unique.

 Winter is…for open fires, sheepskins and best friends around the dinner table.

Tea or coffee? Chai Tea

Favourite song of the moment? Ray LaMontagne ‘You are The Best Thing from Gossip in The Grain album.  And can I have another? Birdy Wings.

Morning or night? Night, the quiet ignites my brain. Wish I was a crack of dawn morning person, trying to change.

My favourite winter memory… Bonfires on the beach

On Saturday mornings I always… Walk up to the Lighthouse at Barrenjoey and race back down for the best chai tea in the world at The Boathouse – made by Brazilian barista Tersio.

Favourite colour? Green

Who (or what) inspires you? My mum – she is so beautifully elegant, classic and loving.

Peter Beard’s artwork and books are an endless source of inspiration to me. If I need to get visually revved up I just flick through his book Fifty Years of Portraits.

My son Jack inspires me with his passion for photography and fishing – he turned his love into his gig and is  genuinely following his dreams, proud mama.

I can’t go a day without Checking Instagram! @deb_bibby and @reallivingmag

Last meal? Mussels in chilli tomato with a baguette on the side – OMG! Especially the ones at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Woy Woy!!!

My best winter getaway would be to… A hideaway in Kangaroo Valley.

Favourite Freedom piece: I have a Metro lamp and must say I’m loving it.

Favourite winter pastime? Going for a hike with thermos and mezza lunch pack.

Bed making rule – hospital corners or relaxed? Relaxed – I love un-ironed linen.

Best style tip you ever received? Keep it simple.

At home your style is… No style more an essence of a look.

When I come home the first thing I do is… Build a fire.

Style icon? Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy – the simplicity! She created her own style.

Beach or country? Beach, salt, waves, sun – who can resist?

Favourite indulgence? A stack of magazines on the sofa and the afternoon to myself.

Cat or dog? A dog in a heartbeat!

Entertain at home or out? At home, I love seeing the house come alive.


Shop the real living for Freedom collection now. 

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