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Entryway style with Nicole Valentine Don, Korryn Bentley and Steph Bond-Hutkin

It’s the first thing you see when you walk into your door; the first glimpse of home after a long day. We think of the entryway as your first impression – and as we know, first impressions count!

We asked three style buffs on what they cant live without in their entryways.


Nicole Valentine Don, Stylist and Blogger at The Transcontinental Affair

“An entryway for me is not complete without a doormat for wiping dirty shoes. If you come to my house, I prefer that you actually take your shoes off and leave them on the mat (I’m Canadian like that). A nice mirror is always a good idea for a quick check before you run out the door and I love adding circular shapes to my space wherever I can.”
Nicole’s pick: Madras Mat in Natural

Follow Nicole on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out her website.


Korryn Bentley, Freedom Senior Homewares Buyer

“I can’t live without my Sixties console – it welcomes me every time I walk in my front door. I have a table lamp that sits upon it that I turn on when I get home to find my way down the hallway. I detest clutter and my console hides away all the junk mail and newspapers I bring home. Plus, it’s a perfect spot to leave my keys.”
Korryn’s pick: Sixties Buffet in Natural


Steph Bond-Hutkin, Blogger at Bondville

“I love the soft glow of a welcoming lamp in my entryway when I come home. The Cordon Table Lamp ticks all the boxes – minimalist, chic and the red cord makes it a real head-turner.”
Steph’s pick: Cordon Table Lamp

Follow Steph on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and head to her blog for more. 

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