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Getting lighting right: how to light up your home

Lighting Mix n Match

Whether you’re redecorating a new home or looking to update your home, lighting is often one of the last things on the list of priorities but lo and behold, it can actually make the biggest impact on your space.

A cosy ambiance, bright cool lights or warm mood lighting – the possibilities are endless to set the mood and tone of your space.

It can either be your best friend or worst enemy, just  ask anyone who has tried to squint reading while in the middle of a recipe, watch TV when all you can see is glare, or someone who has taken a not-so-flattering selfie.

So then, what’s the secret? The key is in the detail.

  1. Let’s talk space

When planning lighting, consider the space and how you use it.  Warm lighting is ideal for the living room, while cool lighting is perfect for tackling tasks for things like homework and food prep in the kitchen. Living areas are multi use, which means they need multiple light sources to tick the boxes. Dining spaces need softer lighting to create a sharing atmosphere; making meal times all the more special. Bedroom lighting is when your sense of personal style can really shine!

  1. Lay it out

When you’re in the mood to redecorate, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the design details. Think about your space from a layout perspective. Drawing a floorplan which maps out the current light sources is a great way to visualise which corners of the house might need a little more or a little less light. Consider both day time and night time by factoring in natural light.

  1. Decisions, decisions

Dark vs. light, ceiling vs. pendant, table lamp vs. floor…  it’s time to make decisions. Don’t be afraid to use different light sources, as it means more choice depending on the tone you want to set in the room. Think in layers and watch out for shadows.

Floor lights are a favourite of ours, because they add height to a space and can make a big difference in a dark corner. Add a gorgeous armchair like our Poppy armchair and you’ve got a new favourite reading spot.

Table lights are classic, elegant and a must for your living, bedroom and even dining room. Decorative table lamps are perfect for creating that cosy feel. They don’t always have to match though; that’s the beauty of table lamps as there is so much variety in shapes and textures.

Pendant lights can change the entire look of the room and we love using this style of light to create a beautiful focal point and design statement. Copper, concrete, woven, wire… One of our favourite looks is a clustered group of ceiling lights for visual interest! Spaced evenly over a kitchen bench or placed on either side of a bed, ceiling lights also add symmetry.

It’s not only the lamps or lights that can create impact. Globes are often forgotten and can act as a decorator accent too. Try to mix and match – globes like our Alana, Amelia, Mabel and Piper make a stunning effect when matched with other lights!

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