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How to style your coffee table

Manhattan 3 Seater

It sits in the middle of your living room for everyone to see, however sometimes coffee tables can look more of a respite for remote controls or become makeshift dining table. We want less ‘the last place I left an old magazine’ more ‘curated collection of objects which shows off my personal style’.

It’s easier than you think. Here are the steps:

Step one: Detox
Clear it off. All of it. We mean it – start with a clean slate

Step two: Select
Select items which speak to your own personal style. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Be conscious of the hues when you’re getting started – use a colour palette to tie it all together
  • Add a natural element to your coffee table. This might be in the form of fresh flowers, coral or succulents. This will breathe life into your room!
  • Books are a great way to display your tastes and interests. Not only do they look stylish, but they make a great conversation piece. Pick covers with bright colours or stand out lettering as they add personality. Remember, largest on the bottom, smallest on the top
  • Remotes are useful yes, stylish no. Hide them away in decorative boxes

Step three: Rebuild
This is where less is more. Keep it simple, sleek and uncluttered. As you style your coffee table, pay attention to the heights of items on the table as height will add visual interest – go on, have a play!
Coffee table styling is a personal experience. Whether you adore Scandinavian style, feminine elegance or coastal inspired looks, it’s each to their own. Don’t rush it though! Just like styling any other area, these things take time.

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