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Winter picks – real living x Freedom

We’re in the midst of hibernation weather, making home the most inviting place to be. So have some fun indoors, challenge your perception of a perfectly matched interior and cross over to the dark side… the quirky side… the mismatched side… and change up your style.

Freedom’s collaboration with real living recently, celebrates the cool and the quirky, we show you how here!

  1. Add a rug

The hardest part of getting up on a winter morning is knowing a cold floor awaits you.   A rug will add warmth underfoot and a burst of colour putting a spring in your step!

  1. Mix and match different patterns and prints

Layering assorted patterns and prints creates a charming, lived-in feeling, a boudoir of sorts that will have you starting to unwind the minute you walk through the door.

Create a cozy  nesting space with off-kilter pillows or with square cushions.

  1. Layer up with throws and blankets.

Whether you’re curling up and reading a good book or seeking extra warmth on a long cold night, a throw will be a welcome winter friend.

Choose from something soft and subtle or classic and checkered.

  1. Add flowers and foliage.

A touch of greenery will keep your home fresh and inviting, even when the heating is turned right up!  Embrace the quirky, mismatched theme by playing with shapes and patterns, mixing vibrant colours, with classic shapes in bolder patterns.

  1. Hang a large artwork above the bed.

The final step to making a space your own is expressing yourself through a piece of artwork.   This also anchors the room and you can create a sense of unity by selecting a piece that links the rooms hero colour.

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