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Styling on a budget


The home is a sanctuary, it’s the place you relax after a hard day and the space you savour with your loved ones. This is why creating a home which you love aesthetically is so important. Choosing the right statement pieces in order to do this can be costly however; today on the blog we will discuss how to choose the right pieces to enhance your bedroom and living room style.

The living room

The sofa you choose becomes the focal point of the room. Tailor this piece to your personal style – experiment with fabrics, leather, texture and better yet, go in store and see the tangible product. It’s a game changer. But before you go in, have a number in mind.  Korryn Bentley, Freedom Homewares Buyer recommends the Camilla sofa for the style conscious and the budget conscious.

“In Austria Light Grey, the Camilla Sofa is a versatile sofa option and is ideal for small living spaces or a great addition to your already established combinations of living furniture. I really love the profile of this model, especially the subtle arm design – It is something different that you are not seeing in the market.  At $999 it is an amazing price point for a 3 seat sofa!”

Once you have the sofa sorted, next you need to decide on the other major furnishings. A sleek entertainment unit, a rustic coffee table, a beautiful floor lamp; furniture creates warmth and personality in a room making it appealing. Korryn loves a book case to add to the living space.

“The Stockholm Bookcase at $699 is a steal. To make a real impact in your home, invest in a few of these to pack out with books and curios. This summer I have totally embraced indoor plants and the Stockholm bookcase is perfect to display them – I especially love how the objects you place in the bookshelf appear to float, but that’s just me.”

The bedroom

A dreamy, more personal space is the bedroom. The most focal part of the bedroom is obviously the bed. Your bed’s look and style has the ability to transform the entire room. Consider the size of the space first. It’s the little details here which will make all the difference – factor in the height of the headboard, the legs, the clearance under the bed (in case you are lacking space). Beds like the Cancun Queen Bed with pull out drawers will be a storage delight!

Lucie McCann, Freedom Buyer’s pick for the bedroom is the Frieda Queen Bed.

“It’s a simple but stylish bed in white with beautiful tapered oak legs. This bed is an ideal backdrop to showcase my passion for bedlinen and layering my bed with cushions and throws.”

A quality mattress is the next step, when it comes to a good night’s sleep you’ll thank us when you invest in one of our quality brands. Head in to one of our stores and have a bit of fun. Bounce around – put your feet up and take the time to lie down (but no snoozing!). Lucie’s pick for a mattress is the Whitehaven Capri Mattress, its great quality and also made in Australia.

“The Whitehaven Capri mattress for $799 (for a queen) is a perfect match for the Frieda bed. It is a modern design with a traditional double sided sleep surface.”

Now, time to rest. In style.

(1) Frieda Queen Bed  (2) Whitehaven Capri Mattress  (3) Camilla Sofa  (4) Stockholm Bookcase

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