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Styling 101 with Billie and Camilla

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes and the sofa is often the focus of your living room. There’s no doubt that a sofa is a strong style statement in a home.  It offers a familiar comfort to our every day – we relax after a long day at work, we laugh and cry watching our favourite movies and we sink in to enjoy a hot cup of tea.

All of this is why our latest sofas, the Billie and the Camilla, are making an impact. The petite mid-century pieces are offered exclusively online (Billie) and as a limited edition in store and online (Camilla), and we love them both. We’re eager to get a little creative with how to place them in our home, so we’ve had a chat with Freedom’s Upholstery Buyer, Kylie Burgon, who has given us a rundown on the finest way to style these pieces.

The Billie

What space do you think the Billie is most suited for?
The Billie has an elegant profile which I just adore, and I think it’s perfect for those smaller apartment spaces.

What design aspects make Billie stand out from the crowd?
The button-back details and tapered timber legs speak of its dedication to smart design. The fabric is also really beautiful, as it has a linen slub yarn and feels nice to touch.

What can we add to make Billie ‘pop’ this season?
For Billie, I’d recommend the Aquarius coffee table as it’s a real character piece and right on trend.

What extra value do you think the Billie can offer a home?
Well, it’s available in five great colours, so Billie can add a real ‘wow’ factor, especially in my favourite colour gold! Style and value definitely wraps up the essence of Billie.

The Camilla

What was it that drew you to the Camilla?
It was Camilla’s feminine arm profile, button-back detail and dainty timber legs which drew me in – I find this piece incredibly striking.

What kind of home will the Camilla work in?
Good news for fans of Camilla. Her beautiful fabric and on-trend light grey will pretty much work in almost any interior.

How would you style the Camilla?
For Camilla, I’d recommend a rounded shape coffee and side table like the Ezra, to tie back with the nice rounded arm shape. These nests of tables are also functional!

What kind of room would the Camilla work best in?
The Camilla can work in most areas, and the dainty timber legs help create an illusion of more space, which is great when placed in smaller living areas.

Enjoy this piece? Take a look at our latest sofas and coffee tables here.


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