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Make a show: how to style your shelves

Wall art 2

Our shelves have a tendency to hoard countless books and become a space of clutter, rather than an eye catching display. To turn your shelf into something beautiful that you are proud to show in your home, we’ve put together some key things to remember when turning your shelf into a magical masterpiece.

  1. Add life and a pop of colour

Adding greenery and flowers to your shelves can really change the dynamic of your room. Sculptural vases in on-trend colours like Aqua and pastels add a feminine touch, and can be filled with roses, lilies or orchids. You can also add rich green plants or cactus, which look great in black or wooden pots, to create a more masculine effect.

  1. Set the mood

Beautiful candle stick holders or aromatic candles are visually appealing, and also smell amazing. Scented candles are popular and available in abundance; you can change this up as often as you like to create different moods on your shelf.  Ultimately they create a cosy atmosphere when lit up at night and are on trend throughout the day.

  1. Maximise on the classics

We all have that favourite classic novel, or beautiful cookbook we hold dear. Maximise these books and use them sparingly on your shelves to add that extra visual touch, rather than cluttering a shelf with every book you own. Also be creative in the way you stack them, mix it up with neat piling of horizontal and vertically books.

  1. Show your personality

Don’t forget to showcase that unexpected item that portrays a bit of your personal character. This could be anything from frames of quotes and photos of friends, to an old-school camera or cigar set. Just remember to add a bit of yourself to make your shelf unique.

  1. Colour co-ordinate

You don’t want a wacky shelf looking a bit off-colour, so be aware of the shades you use and stick with a co-ordinated colour-theme. Colours on trend at the moment are aged gold mixed with graphic black and white, while a primary palette of red, white and yellow is appearing as we move out of the Winter months.

  1. Be practical

While it’s easy to get carried away with all of the visually enticing ways you can style your shelves, ensure you add practical storage, because sometimes you really will just need to store some things away. For example, a beautiful bowl can be used to hold smaller objects like keys, or pens.

  1. Integrate

It’s always a good idea to consider height of what you have on your shelf, to make yourself some different height surfaces to work with, integrate any books you need stored as well. You can create real impact by facing all the spines away from you – with only the books pages facing forward this is a really interesting surface to work with, allowing you to build up all your collectables.

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