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Spring is almost here – embrace the warmer weather in your home

Bondi Vignette 2

The transition from winter to spring and summer welcomes more than swimming costumes and long, lazy afternoons…

With the approach of the warmer months, not only do we get the urge to spring clean, but with a good clean comes the packing away of the cosy throws, dark colours and thick textures. Why not update your home, freshen your interiors and make it a space you love coming home to after a long day in the sun’s rays.

Spring Summer 2015 is all about being bold with colour and pattern.  Here are the trends which are getting us excited about the season ahead:


Take on playfulness in your home. Contrasting old and modern, soft and strong or masculine and feminine, play with opposites which attract but also combine. Pair a beautiful lamp with fun ornaments to give you a contemporary twist.

Use colour to get a retro-glam look. Stick to a strict palette – black, white, navy blue and red are our picks. Include a pop of gold in your home too for bold accents. Our Balmain Hurricane, Dubai Ceiling Lights or Comet Bowl are a great start.

Our New Mod collection makes achieving retro-glam easy.

Embrace nature

Earthy hues give a real dreamy sense in the summer, with longer evenings and bright mornings. The tones establish character and reflect a strong sense of nature and serenity – perfect for the special, calming moments at home. Focus on rustic details by using raw textures like acacia timber, and neutral tones with the Classic Wing Armchair.

Freshen this look with beautiful metallic finishes. This season, gold will be big. When achieving a classic look, include bursts of matte gold and gilded accents to establish a more refined feel. The Deity Bowl, Iconic Tray and Honeycomb Mesh Side Table are beautiful pieces. Our tip, combine gold with smoky glass.

Inject nature into your home and browse our Arcadia collection.

Bold simplicity

With the warmer months comes the time to celebrate all things sun, sand and surf. Naturally, simple yet bold signature pieces are the key to this trend. Take on the essence of fun and supercharge your home with colour, pattern and experimentation. More is more.  We love loud, exciting pieces that scream summer, like the Balance CushionDaybreak Wall Art and Stripes and Spots Ply Wall Dots.

Include timeless, character-filled pieces to offset all of the bright and colourful features – those pieces that feel like they’ve been in your home forever. The couch you love lying back in, the perfect armchair for a good read or the dining table which has seen numerous stories told. Bonnie, Bailey and our Stockholm Bookcase are our picks.

Get inspired by our Endless Summer collection.

Regardless of what style you choose to exude this summer, remember to make it all about you and give your personality a space to shine.

Browse the Freedom Spring Summer Collection now.

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