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How to choose the right rug

Rug Story

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to update a space with minimal effort. Our answer: the best all-rounder for updating any room, the simple rug is our go-to.

Freedom Interior Decorator Jill Clements explains that this is because rugs immediately ground the furniture in a space and add the finishing touch to all rooms.

“When tackling the size and which rug is best for the room, think about what you want to achieve as rugs can give definition to a space, particularly in open plan living. Large rugs can make a room feel bigger, while small rugs can add more decorative flair. My personal favourite for styling a room is to add an oversized rug to encompass majority of the floor, with a small amount of floor boards showing on the outer edges.”

Another element to consider is the placement of the furniture. Think about your living area and whether you want to create a sense of space  –  achieved by having all of your furniture sitting within a large rug – or if you want to  anchor your room, which calls for a medium sized rug placed under the front feet of your couch. Looking to make an impact with a smaller rug? Choose something decorative to sit under your coffee table.

Once you’ve got the size down pat, address the pattern and colour for that extra zing. The Reverie Floor Rug has a cheery presence, instantly lifting the feel of a room, a round rug like the Blaise Floor Rug delivers in personality and a bold pattern like the Roxbury Floor Rug adds a layer of interest.

“My tip when it comes to colour, is to take into account the fixed tones such as flooring and walls. Once you put a rug in your room, it changes the entire space – so dramatically that it becomes one of the biggest features. Another tip? Be bold!” continues Jill.

Finally, consider the texture. For the bedroom, beautiful, tactile rugs are wonderful underfoot first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our Emerson Floor Rug and Madeleine Floor Rug are great examples of stylish pieces which work in the bedroom.

Our favourite rugs this season

  1. Arlington Floor Rug
  2. Hayes Floor Rug
  3. Blaise Floor Rug
  4. Farrelly Floor Rug
  5. Mackenzie Floor Rug
  6. Meridian Floor Rug
  7. Seraphina Floor Rug

For more on choosing a rug, visit our How To guide.

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