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How to light your bedroom

Marlo Bed

Whether it’s cuddles with the family, watching TV with your other half, breakfast in bed with the kids or immersing yourself in that book you can’t put down, the bedroom is more than just a space for sleeping.  It is a sanctuary in which you can relax, find serenity and calm; somewhere you look forward to coming home to, for the wind down after a long day.

Today on the blog, we talk about how you can choose the best lighting to transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility.

Rhodes Bedroom


Depending on whether you’re a Type A personality with a love of order, or a creative Type B who can find calm in chaos, it’s important to surround yourself with shapes that complement your personal style. Pendants strung up on either side of the bed offer a definitive style statement, creating the kind of symmetry and balance that Type A’s delight in. For Type B’s, try contrasting a bold table light propped on a bedside table with a sleek floor light on the other side of the bed. This will create an unconventional, but striking look.

Freedom Interior Decorator Natasha Lindsay’s favourite piece for bedroom light is pendant lighting.

“Pendant lighting is really on trend, adds personality and creates an ambiance in the room. While I love drop pendants balanced on either side of the bed (Atlantis or Alek are my picks!), a central pendant as a feature is one of my favourite looks. The Origami light in particular has a soft and organic shape to inspire calm and softness, or the Della ceiling pendant creates beautiful shadow and visual interest in the room.”

“Depending on your bedroom area, quite often in a tighter space a bedside table lamp or floor lamp works best to light up the room. Instead of a bedside table, play with tradition – a stool such as the Portsea works well for a bedside table!” she continued.

Cancun Bedroom Storage option


When lighting your bedroom, it’s important to balance aesthetics with functionality. Think about what task the light will take on. Bright, well positioned lighting on your bedside table for reading; illuminated and ambient light is best for dressing, and accent lighting to draw the eye to a beautiful artwork on the wall… Don’t forget about the effect of natural light as well!

Once you’ve decided on the type of lighting, create layers of light to suit various tasks and to set the tone in your room – this is done by mixing up your light sources across general lighting, table lights, floor lamps and pendant lights. This offers flexibility and allows you to soften the tone in your room depending on the mood. Table lamps are a staple, while floor lamps add height and lighten up dark corners of the room. Pendant lights make a design statement and are a modern way to lighten up the bedroom.

Natasha says that the layers of lighting are really important as it helps set the mood.

“Whether you’re looking to accomplish a task (such as reading, watching TV) in the bedroom, or just want an ambient glow, depending on the size of the room, my general rule is to have 3-4 different light sources in the room.”


Once you’ve assessed the lighting aspect from a functional perspective, it’s time to have a little bit of fun. There is a wide range of lighting available, such as unique materials and finishes, metallic colours, beautiful hues…  Lighting makes a stunning accent for the home and can be artistic too!  Make the light style a focal piece of the room, whether it be contrasting with the finish on your bed, or complementing the tones in your bed linen, factor lights into styling your bedroom.

Feeling inspired? Here are few of our favourite statement lights this season:

  • The Dream Neon Wall Light is a beautiful piece which brings character to the bedroom
  • Tall, lean and streamlined, the Lense Floor Light offers a bright light – perfect for the reading corner in your bedroom. The cage-like cover adds an industrial edge and works well with more modern bedrooms.
  • Why not mix and match your light globes? The Star Glow globe adds a feminine touch, while we love the Brilliant Vintage globe for a retro feel.
  • The Amali Table Lamp is sleek and sophisticated, tapping into some of the biggest trends this season; gold and marble.

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Lamps and FLoorlights

Shop the look above, left to right. Amali Floor Lamp, Draftsmen Table Light, Finlay Ceiling Pendant, Oakleigh Table Lamp, Cadmon Table Light, Oakleigh Table Light Chrome, Lawrence Table Light, Amali Table Light, Franklin Table Lamp, Airwave Table Light, Penny Table Lamp, Gatz Table Light, Lense Floor Light.

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