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Creating the illusion of space: guest post by Shaynna Blaze

Wyatt Dining

We’re all about home inspiration and we love having guests on the blog. Today we combine two of these favourite things and welcome back, by popular demand, TV personality and Taubmans Brand Ambassador Shaynna Blaze to explain how best to use paint to maximize your area:

Small rooms can sometimes feel stuffy but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of space with a touch of colour. Making small design changes can make your interiors appear much larger.  Here are my creative ways of tricking the eye with paint to make the smaller rooms in your home feel more spacious.

Lighten up!

Simply painting a room won’t give you more space, but by choosing light colours, you can make your room seem much larger. White of course is an easy choice, but feel confident in choosing an off white or other light colour that will still bring a softness to the room and avoid a clinical look.  Try a pale shade of soft pink, light green or sandy yellow.  You can also use a combination of white and pale shades on adjoining walls in a room to create an illusion of space.  For rooms that don’t get much natural light, avoid using yellow-based whites as they absorb the light in the room.

Poppy Sofa

Match it all

Having cohesion between your walls and floors is a simple way to make a room feel larger.  For rooms with pale painted walls, I suggest using a light oak timber or even lime wash on your floorboards.  Similarly, tiles or carpet in a similar light tone to your walls will visually extend the footprint of the entire room.  

Cushions Banner

One tone wonder

The simplest way to make a small room look larger is to stick to one paint colour for the walls, cornice, picture rails and skirting boards. You can extend this further by painting the ceiling which works best with light colours. This technique can work particularly well if you have low ceilings, as you won’t be able to tell where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. 

Axis Dining 4 Seater rug New

Looking for other ways to make the most of your space? Try some of our favourite storage solutions.

  • The Savoy 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley is our go-to stylish helper! Slightly industrial, the warm timber accents ensure the trolley design works beautifully in most homes. Extra shelves for prep and wheels for ease.
  • The Collective Basket set is a great way to keep all of your bits and bobs in order. The chalk labels mean you can mark them as you go.
  • Our Vins Crates offer storage with a bit of character. You can pack up all your loose ends and don’t have to worry about mess on display – the crates make a style statement all by themselves while hiding everything inside. Handy.
  • Make the most of those awkward corner spaces with the Platform shelves. Functional and decorative, the shelving is useful for displaying décor accents and personal knick knacks.

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