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Christmas Gift Ideas for Homelovers

Thoughtful and personalised gift giving is easy – just don’t overthink it! Freedom has gifts for him, gifts for her and anyone else on your list.
Here are a few of the characters you may find yourself shopping for this year, along with some suggestions on how to make their home a little more special this season.
picky-sibling-nov-27 secret-santa-nov-27

Give them the gift of choice, so you know they’ll pick out exactly what they want. Personalise the gift card by adding a lovely scented candle.

  1. Palm Beach Collection Candle
  2. Freedom Gift Card



Sure, he says he already has everything he needs, but you know that secretly he still loves getting a Christmas gift.

  1. Drafstmen Table Light
  2. Savoy Kitchen Trolley




Treading the line between fun and professional is easy with a gift from Freedom. Give your work buddy something beautiful and practical.

  1. Splash Water Bottle 
  2. Amina Candler 




You know they don’t care what you get them, but you want to wow them too. Celebrate your friendship by pampering them with something a little bit luxurious.

  1. Therapy Kitchen Pack
  2. Ecoya Celebration Candle 



A gorgeous kitchen essential is an elegant and useful gift and your host will be reminded of your great taste every time they use it.

  1. Brim Wine Glasses
  2. Gem Serving Board (marble/rosewood)


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